Monday, October 31, 2011

Magisterial Fundies: The Soft Opening

My thanks to Mr. Roy Hobson, who has inquired about this blog in the context of an internet exchange here.

While this blog is on the back-burner pending completion of current projects, when time allows I hope to develop it into a forum for the examination of a very simple, yet radical, idea:

The Catholic Church has, by the sovereign decision of God Almighty, been granted a charism to teach the Truth concerning faith and morals infallibly.

Now this idea might not seem so radical to those of us who are Catholic- after all, it is an essential element of our faith to believe this.

The radical element I hope to examine is in the application of this dogma to actual, concrete situations.

It is my hope to examine the possibility that the highest level of authoritative magisterial teaching on a given subject, will be found in every case to be the True teaching.

I expect to examine precisely those anomalous, unusual cases where magisterial teaching has either been abandoned or qualified by subsequent, lower-level teaching.

Critical areas will include:

1. The question of whether the Jews enjoy a separate covenant for salvation (I argue that this notion is damnable heresy).

2. Whether the Church has reversed her condemnation of Galileo (I argue She hasn't, and I further argue that the utterly astounding new observations from SDSS and WMAP suggest that this is an extraordinarily powerful instance where the protection of the Church's teaching on geocentrism is being validated before our eyes by science itself, four hundred years after the fact).

3. Whether the Church has altered or reversed her condemnation of interest-taking (I argue She has not, but that Her abandonment of enforcement of this infallible teaching has, at least, facilitated the metastasization of a global usury scam whose present, late-stage collapse represents another profound evidence for the Truth of the Church's ancient and apostolic magisterial condemnation of interest).

4. Whether the Church's treating on Original Sin and polygenism can legitimately be altered or abandoned in light of recent claims from genetics that the human race cannot have descended from an original pair.

Thanks for the interest, Roy, and I hope to have the blog up and running soon!


  1. @Rick DeLano

    I'm glad to see that you are starting to develop this blog at long last.

    My son Michael Roy (22) is the Graduate Adviser at St Mary's University, Twickenham, London where this Interfaith Meeting, took place on the 17th September 2010


    God our Father, source of life and freedom, through Your Holy Spirit, you gave the Carmelite, Titus Brandsma the courage to affirm human dignity even in the midst of suffering and degrading persecution. Grant us that same spirit so that, in refusing all compromise with error we may always and everywhere give coherent witness to Your abiding presence among us. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen

  2. Congratulations Rick on getting this most excellent project underway. May God bless it abundantly so it will be a good tree that bears good fruit.

    James Phillips