Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Analysis Shows Universe Aligned With Earth's Equator- CMB Dipole *Cannot Be Attributed to Earth's Motion*!!!

The astonishing collapse of standard cosmology continues.

I use, with permission, the following text from the upcoming edition of "Galileo Was Wrong" by Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett, to report the recent confirmation that the cosmological dipole can not be attributed to Earth's motion, but that this dipole is found in the radio sky at 5 sigma significance, the same as recently claimed for the discovery of the Higgs boson.

Attempted Explanations

In an attempt to lessen the severity of the Axis of Evil against the Copernican Principle, some try to separate the dipole from higher ℓ values (quadrupole, octuopole, etc.) and claim that the dipole is caused by “the peculiar velocity of the Earth relative to the co-moving cosmic rest frame as the planet moves at some 371 km/s towards the constellation Leo.”[1]
There are two glaring anomalies in this claim. First, as John Ralston points out, in such solutions they are “forgetting there is an unknown cosmological piece,” namely, “By an apparently random accident the dipole happens to lie in the plane of the ecliptic, and point along Virgo.  This is accepted with very little discussion, and nobody disbelieves the dipole.”[3] In other words, attributing the dipole to a movement of the Earth through the CMB is convenient enough, but it becomes a little too convenient when that movement is pointing to Virgo, which just happens to be in the same direction as the “Axis of Evil.” Even if it were true that the Earth is moving against the CMB (and not vice-versa, as in the geocentric system), still, this explanation misses the elephant in the room, i.e., that the entire universe, as represented by the CMB dipole, is aligned with the tiny Earth. One has to be blind or biased to miss this.

Second, we will notice from the graphs that the dipole axis is almost perpendicular to the quadrupole/octupole axis. Big Bang cosmology claims that the dipole axis is created by the sun-earth system moving through the CMB, which creates a Doppler blue shift. But how does Big Bang cosmology then explain the quadrupole/octupole axis, which is perpendicular to the dipole axis? It cannot be created by a movement of the sun-earth system through the CMB since, obviously, the sun-earth system cannot be going in one direction to create the dipole and, at the same time, going in an orthogonal direction to create the quadrupole and octupole. Something is definitely amiss here.

Third, a recent paper by Kothari, et al, shows that attributing the dipole to the presumed motion of the solar system through the CMB does not match the CMB data. They first report a paper by Singal (2011) showing an apparent solar velocity of 1600 km/sec, which is about four times higher than the previously accepted 369 km/sec, and which “suggests a potential violation of the cosmological principle” and thus “the Universe may be intrinsically anisotropic with the preferred axis approximately in the direction of the CMBR dipole.” With additional research, they conclude “the data is not consistent with the CMBR dipole. It clearly indicates the presence of an intrinsic dipole anisotropy which cannot be explained in terms of local motion,” which result is confirmed at a “4 – 5 sigma” level. This leads them to the conclusion that the “anisotropy we observe may have a physical origin.”[5] In other words, even if one were to adopt the heliocentric concept that the solar system is moving through a fixed CMB, the data shows it would be moving much too slowly to produce the dipole that is observed. The dipole energy, then, must originate from an inherent microwave polarity in the composition of the Universe and thus means the Universe is physically divided in two along the Earth’s equator.

    Dipole axis runs between Leo and Virgo

[1] Another source has the Earth moving toward Virgo: “After the dipole anisotropy, which is due to the Doppler shift of the microwave background radiation due to our peculiar velocity relative to the co-moving cosmic rest frame, has been subtracted out. This feature is consistent with the Earth moving at some 627 km/s towards the constellation Virgo” ( The discrepancy of using Virgo as opposed to Leo is that the two constellations are next to each other in the Zodiac, and the dipole axis is between them, although closer to Leo. The 371km/s is the net speed of the sun minus any galactic movement toward Leo.
[2] Image from Cal Tech lecture on the CMB at /level5/Sept02/Kinney/Kinney3.html.
[3] John P. Ralston, “Question Isotropy,” Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Kansas, Nov. 2010, pp. 4-5. Ralston adds: “All are again well-aligned with the axis of Virgo. A subsequent study in 2008 diluted by higher values of ℓ does not change this conclusion. And so if there is a local effect or bias producing the (many) alignments, it affects much of the actual power in the CMB, which then would not be ‘pristine’” and concluding with “our studies find there is nothing supporting isotropy of the CMB, and everything about the data contradicting it.”
[4] Graph taken from Kate Land’s seminar at: http://www.cita.utoronto. ca/TALKS/Land-Nov23.pdf
[5] “Dipole anisotropy in flux density and source count distribution in radio NVSS data,” R. Kothari, A. Naskar, P. Tiwari, S Nadkarni-Ghosh and P. Jain, July 8, 2013, Dept. of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, at arXiv:1307.1947v1. The concluding sentence of the paper states: “Finally, assuming the presence of an intrinsic dipole contribution in the source counts, we separate it out from the kinematic dipole. The resulting speed of the solar system, however, is still found to be higher than the CMBR expectation. Our results support the hypothesis that the Universe is intrinsically anisotropic with the anisotropy axis pointing towards Virgo” p. 10. Ralston may have made the same point when he says, “However the alignment of the quadrupole and octupole happens to be right along the dipole, and point along Virgo. Some use this as a reason to dismiss the quadrupole and octupole, while retaining the rest of the CMB as ‘pristine,’” but he made a mistake in saying that the quadrupole/octupole “point along Virgo” (since it is obvious that the quad- and octupole axis is perpendicular to the dipole axis).


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