Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"The Record" Covers "The Principle"

Thanks to Matthew Biddle and the Diocese of Perth, Australia, for this example of why Karl Keating, Mark Shea, David Palm, NPR, Time, Slate, Daily Beast, Lie For Science, and the rest of the Media Hoax Squad are about to experience true regret for their hysterically botched coverage of "The Principle"

Stay tuned for "Thoughtcrime- Why The Principle Induces Media Hysteria" coming soon on YouTube.


  1. Excellent stuff!

    However, I don't think the opposition who has a vested interest in keeping the public misinformed will ever do the honest thing. In fact, here's a recent article pointing out that atheist scientists are openly debating as to whether it's better for their cause to outright lie, purposely distort and use obvious fallacious argumentation in order to advance their cause in the public arena. These guys have no shame!

    Now will Keating & Shea open their eyes to this, or will they carry on being 'Liars for Darwin & Copernicus'?

  2. Wow.

    That is an eye-opener of an article.

    It has really been difficult for me to finally get my mind wrapped around the idea that lying is OK, just as long as it is directed against Thoughtcrimes.

    But one thing "The Principle" has already accomplished even before its release, is to hold a mirror up to some very serious, very ugly, intellectual Stalinism, in very very high places.

  3. Rick, keep up the good work, and I hope TP opens in Peoria, Il. where I live!

  4. Steve, you are going to be very happy ;-)

    Stay tuned!

  5. You're going to make me very happy too by saying Phoenix, AZ right?



  6. Pray for the success of our opening weekend, Sancte ;-) But LA is a cinch, at least.....