Friday, October 10, 2014

"The Principle" Explodes Heads

Among the tens of thousands of shares our trailer has generated over the past week and a half or so, one caught my eye tonight- a stunned atheist writes on his home page:
"Never have I seen such production value go into spreading creationist lies. A creationist film arguing for a GEOCENTRIC UNIVERSE. Taking scientist quotes out of context is an old trick, but this is a new low."
Now two interesting facts emerge.
First- and believe me, the finished film is even *much* better than the trailer- he has "never seen" production value in a "creationist film" to compare with "The Principle".
Second, he is sure that the film consists in "creationist lies", although he has of course never seen it.
"The Principle" is causing heads to explode all over the place.
Just wait until they see the finished film 


  1. That's funny. Hey Rick. I've gotten into quite a brawl in the comment section of Cool Hard Logic's #4 video. What started out as talking about geo satellites has now morphed into discussing the earth's ROTATION. Be prepared for much cursing on their part. We've boiled it down to the nitty gritty of the argument, and they are freaking out.
    Peace out bro

  2. "creationists lies". Project much? Unconsciously casting your unrepentant sin.

  3. I promise to join you in the trenches once I get back from Chicago ;-)

  4. I'm reminded of the Chief Blue Meanie from the Yellow Submarine cartoon throwing a hissy fit.

  5. Karl Keating states on his Facebook page that:

    "The term 'Copernican Principle' is a modern construct."

    Yet, I find in Google Books:

    A System of Astronomy on the Copernican Principle
    J. P. Felt
    Salem, Ives and Pease, 1845