Thursday, August 2, 2012

Congrats to Rahm Emmanuel- Chicken Salesman of the Year!

Yesterday was an extraordinary day.

Yesterday America demonstrated in a ridiculously unpredictable (and hence very reliable) way, that all of the PR assaults, all of the politically correct bomfoggery, all of the shouts of "bigot" and "intolerant" of the marriage corruption movement, have been for nought.

Click here to see something extraordinary.

Most folks in this country are not nearly sophisticated enough to be hornswoggled by the pathetic, truly pathetic, "arguments" of the marriage corruption movement.

We just might win this thing yet.

We find out November 3.

Now I am not a huge fan of Mitt Romney, but he does have one profoundly important good point, which is that he is not Barack Obama.

Vote accordingly.


  1. Dear Rick.

    This is off-topic comment. I've read all of your posts on this blog, as well as your debates on Accepting Abundance blog.

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your effort. You have clarified lots of issues to me, and confirmed most of what I was thinking before, but never had chance to articulate.

    I would like to contact you in private. Can you please give me your e-mail?

    In Christo.

  2. Welcome, Luka.

    Email me at

  3. Can someone explain to me what happened at the chicken restaurant?

    I dont understand. I clicked the link and just saw some pics of people in the restaurant.

    What am I missing? How does this relate to gay marriage?

    Doc S.

  4. Doc:

    1. Chick Fil A's COO was quoted in a publication defending traditional marriage.

    2. Several politicians, including the mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel, issued public statements that they would punish Chick Fil A by denying permits, etc.

    3. Somewhere between 10 and 30 million Americans showed up to support Chik Fil A and the First Amendment.

    How does this affect gay marriage?

    It represents the first, mass action by the American people in rejection of the gay fascist movement's tactics.

  5. Ahhh...thanks for clarifying Rick.

    Wasn't Rahm Emmanuel a personal adviser for Obama not so long ago?

    I think he has very close ties with the ADL and other jewish groups who are very pro gay rights.

    I mean...I think gays should have rights but....I should be able to say its WRONG....


  6. The rejection of Jesus the Messiah.
    The rejection of God.
    The rejection of Jesus teachings. Of Gods law.
    Reliance on self.
    Adherence to mans law (tradition).
    Belief in mans philosophy.
    Belief in mans theoretical science falsely so called.
    Scientific relativism.
    Moral relativism.
    Continued erring from the faith.