Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why I Will Not Vote For Mitt Romney

I live in California.

Romney has no chance here.

I honestly do not know what I would do if I lived in a swing state.

But Mitt Romney is a disgraceful, dishonest, weak, compromised, flip-flopping empty suit.

He is of course infinitely better than the alternative.

But Mitt Romney, in his epic cowardice, is the Father of Gay Marriage.

Let us at last be honest enough to admit it.

UPDATE 8/28: Mitt Romney supports abortion on demand.
It would be impossible for me to vote for this man under any circumstances whatsoever.


  1. I was a bit confused to see the support of Mr. Romney from the "catholic" element, myself. He is, after all, a self-professed mormon, which means he's not even considered Christian by the standards of the Catholic Church (i.e., mormon "baptism" is not considered a valid sacrament).

    Beyond that, it does seem odd that so-called "catholics" would give vocal support to a man who is not only the so-called "authority" behind the homosexual unions in Massachusetts, and a proponent for on-demand murder of unborn children, but also silent on whether the HHS mandates would be revoked or reformed once he is in office...if elected.

  2. But why limit your dislike to Romney?

    Especially as Ryan is a fan of the vile atheist "philosopher" Ayn Rand. As indeed are some of his wealthy supporters such as the Koch brothers, and as far as I can tell many Tea Party supporters.

    Ryan was apparently so intellectually and thus morally retarded that he was incapable of understanding that you cannot be both a devout Catholic and a fan of Ayn Rand, whose anti-ethic was/is one of unbridled selfishness.

  3. Sue - I am no Rep. Paul Ryan fan, since he has chosen to share the "ticket" with Romney, but by Rep. Ryan's own admission he's not an adherent to Randian Objectivism. ( ) This is a link to an article in which Rep. Ryan disavows any adherence to the atheistic philosophy which Mrs. Frank O'Connor (i.e., Ayn Rand) espouses in her books.

    Like many, Rep. Ryan admits to reading and enjoying her books, but that's a far cry from ascribing one's self to the philosophy contained therein. Were it not a far cry, then anyone who enjoyed history and read such works as Mein Kampf and Also Sprach Zarathustra could be accused of evil.

    Besides, enjoying what one reads and being a fan of the author are two different situations...and I have yet to see a quotation of Rep. Ryan stating he's a fan of Mrs. Rand-O'Connor and not merely a fan of her stories. Also, since you're so keen on dividing between the devout Catholic and Rep. Paul Ryan, of what mortal sin do you accuse him? If you accuse him of no mortal sin, then are you not committing a calumny to suggest that he is out of communion with the Catholic Church?