Thursday, November 22, 2012

Berlinski Strikes Again!

Because he says it so well, I merely link to it.

Classic bit of Berlinski excerpted below:

If the revolution is either far away or long ago, there is always God. The discovery of the Higgs Boson does nothing to confirm his existence, Krauss argued, therefore it must do everything to diminish his relevance. And so it does. The Higgs Boson, he wrote, brings "science closer to dispensing with the need for any supernatural shenanigans all the way back to the beginning of the universe -- and perhaps even before the beginning, if there was a before."
About this declaration, since it countenances a before before a beginning or a beginning before a before, all that one can say is that Krauss has covered his bases.


  1. Modern 'Science' is completely lost. check out this news report on NASA Rick.

    The original goal of the ORIGINS PROGRAM was to set out to prove the evolutionism/Darwinism/Big-Bangism paradigm correct. Now, seeing as everything looks like the universe is a giant finite bubble with Earth unmoving at the centre and everything else arranged in roughly concentric rings around DOESN'T SURPRISE ME that NASA is utterly lost!

    lolz....Obama wants to land astonuts on an asteroid...a complete physical IMPOSSIBILITY! and the NASA bigwigs pretty much admit it.

    Whats left for NASA? Nothing they set out to find has been found! Not aliens, not dark matter, not the big bang....NADA!

    Cheers Rick. God Bless.

  2. Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick. You're getting uppity again. Just saw your comments on the NOM blog and seriously, do I have to see you in June now too? I fear for your well being if you have to go through this kind of loss again.

  3. Scott.


    Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott.

    You apparently hven't grasped the significance of the SCOTUS taking Prop 8, after Reinhardt explicitly begged them not to.

    That's OK.

    See you in June.

  4. Thank you ever so much for actually saying "see you in June".

    It's going to make it even more delicious.