Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The End of Neo-Catholicism

Tonight Barack Obama defeated the Republican Establishment, and go-along-to-get-along NeoCatholicism.

The Catholic Bishops of the NeoChurch have failed, and all that is left now is to decide whether one wishes to be accounted among the sheep of the flock of Newchurch, or whether one is prepared to suffer martyrdom for the Faith which is not confused, but instead is clear and unambiguous.

The Republican Party is finished in America.

Newchurch is finished, period.

Find a Traditional priest, and pray.

The Second Vatican Council has failed, and that miserably.


  1. To add an exclamation point to your post. I told you I'd be back on 11/7. Remember me? So, about that whole "see you in November" promise you made. How's that working out for you? Do you have the courage to post this?

  2. What? Not going to play today? You wanted to see me in November (as you repeated so very often). It's now 11/7 and I anxiously await your reply.

  3. Yes, Scott. I remember you.

    I have seen you in November.

    Your side won.

    There is probably no saving America at this point.

    So be it.

    We have the government we deserve.

  4. Oh such a gloomy Gus. You really need to stop obsessing about other people and try to live a happy life. It'll do wonders for you.

  5. Thanks for the advice, Scott.

    Mine for you is in the post above.

    Second line from the bottom.


  6. Hopefully, now that the Republican and Neo-Catholic establishments have been stripped naked so all the real Catholics and the world can see their shame, true patriotic Catholics in clergy and the laity can start rebuilding the the faith as it's supposed to be. Michael Voris's 11/07/12 Vortex gives us clear instructions on how to accomplish this. Watch it and learn.

  7. Rick - Your anti-gay bigotry and its winning streak at the polls is also finished. Welcome to 2012. I was one of those people you so arrogantly dismissed with "see you in November". Well here we are in November. You predicted that Obama's support for marriage equality would cost him the election. It did not. You predicted the voters of ME, MD, MN, and WA would vote against marriage equality. They did not. You predicted that Iowa would throw out a judge because they didn't like his decision to uphold equality for gays and lesbians. They did not. You've accused others of being delusional. Now it's clear that you were the delusional one. The good news is that your rights remain 100% intact. The bad news - for you - is that this should spell the end of NOM - an organization for which you clearly have (or least had) a deep admiration. I will keep an eye on NOM Blog, for however long it stays active. I don't know if you will continue to give your two cents there but if you do, I would expect to see a significant change in your tone now that reality has slapped you in the face. The American people spoke loud and clear last night. They rejected your agenda and provided undeniable proof that you do not, as you have claimed so many times, have the majority of Americans on your side. The country is moving forward. You should as well.

    1. Unknown:

      Your cowardly anonymity, first, is noted. The first difference between us- it is a crucial one- is that I post under my own name, and I take responsibility for what I post.

      I did not dismiss you when I said "see you in November"; I truthfully informed you that in November our two, mutually irreconcilable worldviews, would be put to the test at the polls in November.

      Yours was victorious, and this is indeed a matter of incredulity to me, even now, two days after the fact.

      But it is a fact.


      Pseudo-marriage is not a right.

      It is a wrong.

      It is one of the most shatteringly obvious wrongs ever to be called a right (the "right" to mass murder innocent babies in the womb is probably the worst wrong ever to be called a "right").

      I agree with you that NOM has failed, and is pretty much obsolete at this point.

      The fact that the destruction of marriage was accomplished in only Demoncratic strongholds, and by a small majority, answers your claims of "delusion".

      The fight was well fought, but Obama has in fact fundamentally transformed America, and the defensive, run-out-the-clock strategy of NOM has failed.

      It was not a delusional strategy- it nearly worked, but instead it failed.

      There exists no right to pseudo-marriage.

      But when a nation reaches the stage where a majority of its voting citizenry is prepared to democratically vote against biology itself..........


      America has been fundamentally transformed, all right.

      Look out below.

  8. Rick,

    For all we really know, Romney may have got more votes. No doubt, electronic vote fraud assures that the pre-selected president becomes the president. Everything else is theater for the masses and very effective theater at that. In any event, our country has been hijacked for a long time by the SOS and we have a ZOG running the show. Most folks still have a hard time coming to grips with that reality, however.

    James Phillips