Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tip O' The Hat To Ethan Seigel On The Great Non-Discovery Of Dark Matter

File under "Credit Where Credit Is Due"

Ethan has been an up-front adversary on the question of the Copernican Principle and geocentrism generally on his blog- it is very nice to see him pulling the covers on a recent shameful claim of the "detection of evidence for dark matter", which was nothing of the kind.

Relevant excerpt:

To reiterate, based on what AMS has presented, there is nothing to suggest that they have detected any evidence whatsoever for particle dark matter. The press release (and the earlier press conference) — reported upon by many that I will not link to — suggest otherwise, and that is misleading. In fact, calling it misleading is generous, because I personally believe it is deceitful, and it’s a deceit that I even anticipated a few weeks ago!

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