Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two False Philosophical Assumptions Which Lie At The Heart of Cosmology

False Assumption Number One:

The Copernican/cosmological Principle:

The Copernican Principle states that we are not privileged observers/Earth is in no special location.

This is false; it has been scientifically falsified.

The Earth is aligned with the largest scale structure in the universe: the cosmic microwave background itself.

This is no longer a supposition, or a possibility.

It is a scientific fact.

The Copernican Principle lies at the very heart of modern cosmology- all of modern cosmology is based on this assumption, which has been observationally falsified.

The cosmological principle is a generalization of the Copernican Principle, and states that there are no privileged observers/no special locations.

Another way of saying this is that there is no up, down, left, or right in the cosmos.

Another way of saying this is that the universe must be isotropic (must look about the same in all directions) and homogeneous (must look about the same in all directions no matter where you are looking from).

This is false; it has been observationally falsified.

There exists a preferred direction in space; the so-called "Axis of Evil".

A coordinate system can be constructed based on this Axis, which yields an up, a down, a left, a right.

But wait........

There's more!

The special direction in space is not just any direction......

It is a special direction which is aligned with the ecliptic and equinoxes of Earth.

Lawrence Krauss wrote, back in 2006:

Krauss recently stated, before the Planck release, that he thought the alignments were wrong.

Instead, Planck has confirmed that they are right.

One must conclude, logically, that Krauss therefore now believes that we are the center of the universe.

But one ought not assume logic in such a case.

Krauss has also authored a book, the title of which is an immortal bungle; a botch job that belongs among history's greatest fundamental self-contradictions:

"A Universe From Nothing"

But logic requires us to admit that nothing can come from nothing.

If something comes from nothing, then the nothing is not nothing, but something.

A five year old can prove this conclusively.

But some of our leading cosmologists cannot.

Please keep these points in mind the next time you find yourself tempted to assume that the scientific elites are prepared to tell us "how things really are".


  1. Dear Mr. DeLano,

    Although I am a newcomer to your blog and most of the topics treated therein, and therefore have little of substance to contribute, I would like to thank you in any case for your informative updates - I know of no other source where such fascinating developments are presented and commented on as they arise from a traditional Catholic point of view.

    Please keep up the good work.

    In Domino,


  2. Thanks very kindly, Alexander, and welcome to the blog.

  3. Rick: "The Earth is aligned with the largest scale structure in the universe: the cosmic microwave background itself."
    Rick: "There exists a preferred direction in space; the so-called "Axis of Evil". A coordinate system can be constructed based on this Axis, which yields an up, a down, a left, a right."
    Rick: "The special direction in space is not just any direction......It is a special direction which is aligned with the ecliptic and equinoxes of Earth."

    Rick, concerning these vitally important facts as stated above, can you provide us link(s) to some good Internet site(s) where we can see these facts presented graphically (and in an easy to understand format if possible) and if it be possible can you show us here on your own site with graphics as well?

    I think when people see these facts portrayed/demonstrated in pictures with explanations of those pictures presented along side them it will help tremendously in their being better able to conceptualize (literally picture!) exactly what is being said.

    At the same time it would help to see by way of comparison a picture or two of what the conventional and now obviously falsified Copernican Principle teaches in terms of our inconspicuous place in the universe.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. I am sorry, James, but this is anything hut simple.

    This is the most advanced cosmology our species has ever produced, and, alas, to understand it requires the willingness to work through the science, step by step.

    It can be understood by any human being who cares enough to make the effort, but "simple"?


    You may see a graphic representation of these observations (from the heliocentric perspective) by accessing the MagisterialFundies post here, reading it carefully, and clicking the link provided:


    If you honestly try to understand this, and cannot, please return and I will help you.

    To understand this requires a willingness to work through and learn the following concepts:

    1. CMB
    2. Isotropy
    3. Multipole
    4. Vector
    5. Plane
    6. Normal

    I will help any person who wishes to honestly work through this.

    It is not simple.

    The simple can take my word for it.

    If my word is not good enough, then bless you.

    Learn it, just like I had to.

    I rejoice to find anyone who cares enough to learn it.

    I will help anyone who will not take my word for it.

    I wouldn't.

    I am looking for minds that won't.

    1. I should mention that "The Principle" provides an animated "fly-through" of the entire universe, which demonstrates the very simplest of these alignments in a very easy-to-underrstand way.

      I went through three visual effects houses, and the first two (including one that had won an Academy Award), failed completely to execute the sequence, because they could not understand the concept.

      The third- the very best VFX house in the world- finally did it for us.

      It cost a very great deal of money, but then again, it makes "Th Principle" worth the price of admission.

  5. Thanks Rick.

    What you are saying would appear (at least to me anyway) to be a major impediment in overcoming the CP paradigm belief for the uninitiated 99.9% or more of current CP believers) who without a good graphic representation may well be left with words alone such as, "The Earth is aligned with the largest scale structure in the universe: the cosmic microwave background itself and such and such proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt."

    A large segment of the population should be able to grasp the meaning of that statement without much if any difficulty, but without the backing of the main stream establishment in getting that idea repeated to them an endless amount of times, their acceptance of it would seem to be so much more difficult without an easily understood graphic. Indeed, many might become more skeptical -- thinking to themselves, "Well, if that statement is so easy to understand, it shouldn't be so difficult to show in a picture?" (Where's the beef? :-))

    More particularly, people may look at the depictions of the CMB most recently generated from the the Planck findings, scratch their heads and say, "OK, fine, but where exactly is the Earth's alignment in all this? Where exactly is this thing called Axis of Evil these geocentrists keep talking about?"

    The problem then, of course, is that such folks might more easily begin to doubt the truth of the alignment assertion in the first place since it can't readily be depicted (or at the very least easily understood) graphically. (Your experience with the first two visual effects houses would seem to be quite telling!)

    This seems to represent a serious conundrum of sorts does it not for those interested in having the CP properly repudiated in the eyes of the public at large? If the public can't see what they are being told about the Earth's alignment, then they can certainly be more easily misled by the anti-CP scientists and their allies who can easily come up with all kinds of misinformation, disinformation and downright fantasy obfuscations.

    Again, this is all so unfortunate since without the easy graphics (in the mode, for example, of those silly, but very effective -- at least for the uninitiated -- evolution pictures of the lower life forms evolving until at the end of the life chain spectrum you see apes and men) it is so much easier for the scientists and their allies who wish to hang onto their CP paradigm to carry out all sorts of deceiving tactics and stratagems so as to keep make that much harder for the public to sort out the truth.

    In spite of all I have said, I am certainly not without hope that the alignment of the Earth message can get through in a big way to the public. In that regard, I am quite enthused to hear about the animated "fly-through" of the universe in "The Principle." That alone should be a great impetus to understanding for a great many folks.

    1. There is an excellent graphic representation of the alignments, James.

      It is in "The Principle", which will be released this fall.

      Until then, one has to work through the data for oneself.

      But "The Principle" will change that.

      Patience, my friend :-)

      Almost done.

  6. James. There is a graphic here:


    Rick can correct me if I'm wrong but I'll take a crack at a layman's description from my own limited understanding.

    The curved white line there is the plane of the ecliptic, the plane of the suns orbit around the Earth. I assume it's not a straight line because the image has been wrapped around?

    Anyway, the description under the graphic pretty much says it. There is a big cold lobe (region) following the ecliptic plane on the northern side (hemisphere) and a a big hot lobe following the line on the southern hemisphere.

    Also we see a large hot region in the north above the cold lobe and a large cold region in the south below the hot lobe.

    This goes totally against the Copernican principle. The whole thing should be a uniform mess. It should all just be hot and cold in equal amounts.

    Basically, if you had this map of the CMB, and someone plonked you down somewhere in the universe, and you had the ability to measure local CMB around you....you could pretty much find your way back home!

    Am I close Rick?

  7. You are very close, Doc.

    The Mollweide projection is part of the difficulty.

    In our animated "fly-through" sequence, we first "unwrap" the Mollweide projection (which renders the ecliptic as the S-shaped undulating curve in the Planck image) and project the above information as a sphere.

    The "S-shaped" ecliptic, under that transformation, becomes a straight line across the jiddle of the sphere.

    If one then were to "fly-through" the entire universe, along a "grid" corresponding to that line (the ecliptic).......one would, astonishingly, arrive at:


    Which is, to say the very least, not in accordance with the Copernican Principle :-)

  8. To Rick and Doc:

    Many thanks to both of you! I am looking more forward then ever to "The Principle." Rick, just hoping that you will still stay in communication with us "peasants" after your name goes up in lights! :-)

  9. In an Earth map Mollweide projection the equator is a straight line going thru the middle of the map. When you transform to a sphere, it's still a straight line, but this time the middle of the sphere

    In the CMB map Mollweide projection the ecliptic plane is an S-shape. When you transform to a sphere, it becomes a straight line in the middle of the sphere.

    The reason being....?

    1. Excellent question, Doc.

      The answer is:

      In the CMB Mollweide projection, the coordinates are Galactic; that is, the North Pole in the CMB map is the Galactic North Pole, not the Ecliptic North Pole.

      In a Mollweide projection of the CMB with Ecliptic coordinates- with an Ecliptic North Pole- the situation would be exactly the same as in a Mollweide projection of Earth with the North Pole at the top.

      Interesting insight here- back in the early cars when this map was produced, it was *assumed* that any CMB alignments with us ought to be wrt the GALAXY, which is incomprehensibly more vast that our local system.

      This assumption is exactly why the CMB map was produced using galactic coordinates.

      One of the really coolest sequences in "The Principle" (brilliantly executed by BUF Comapgnie Paris, the *very best VFX house in the world as far as I am concerned) is where we take the galactic Mollweide projection and transform it to a sphere using ecliptic coordinates.

      The S-shaped line is transformed into a straight line at the equator- the plane of the ecliptic on a sphere of the entire CMB (universe).

      We then fly through the CMB and the whole universe along a grid aligned with that straight line.

      I think you can figure out how it ends :-)

  10. I believe Fr. Wolfe had a scathing sermon on Krauss' book at AudioSancto.com. If it was the same book, then Krauss should be hunting a hole to hide in...

    Any of the sermons on AudioSancto.com are excellent, but Fr. Wolfe is a trained scientist, and can put these in perspective real quick.

    In think this is the link:


    1. What a fantastic presentation, Unknown!

      Fr. Wolfe indeed is addressing the same author and the same book, and what a devastating address it is!

      "The truth of self-evident propositions is immediately known."

      "No one can deny self-evident principles. If he does, he's a madman, and can't be reasoned with."

      "If you start to understand how nothing turned into something, you are either on a serious drug trip, or else you are out of your mind."

      "A seething mass of philosophical and theological errors."

      Oh yes :-)

    2. If the above link for Fr. Wolfe sermon does not work you may wish to try: http://www.audiosancto.org/sermon/20120826-Evolution-Continues-to-Devolve.html