Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Disaster at the "Digital Areopagus"

UPDATE 6/16/13:

Brandon has received an email from a reader of this blog, calling his attention to the post below.

I wish to say that the site is doing much better lately, that the frequency of Memoryholing is declining noticeably (at least Memoryholing of me!) :-).

The Catholics are doing much better, precisely because the Catholics are beginning to do what Catholics are supposed to do; that is, probe and point out the fallacies of assumption which underlie the barking madness of the atheist "something from nothing" world view.

Brandon says my rhetoric below is over the top, and in retrospect he might be right, but at the time the rhetoric was the least over-the-top possible, in light of the Memoryholing.

So keep that in mind when reading the arguably over-the-top rhetoric below :-)

Brandon also suggests that I am in error on certain points of Catholic doctrine, which is a strange assertion coming from a fellow who asserts that Lumen Gentium 16 teaches that atheists need not cease being atheists, that salvation is available to them as atheists.

May I cordially reiterate that this is not only heresy, it also barking madness.

Brandon, I have no axe to grind against you or your site- I have enjoyed your writing for some time, and I think the site has a chance to become a very important one.

You are simply, drastically, and, I pray, inculpably wrong in your heretical assertion that salvation is available to atheists in their atheism.

Rick DeLano

Over at that new Brandon Vogt site, "Strange Notions", the Catholics are getting their butts kicked so embarrassingly that one really wonders whether this was the intention all along.

Now I am all for helping out Catholics whenever the attack-dog "New Atheists" show up in numbers, with the intention of demolishing the Faith.

But when the Catholics end up selectively employing the Memoryhole so as to vindicate the atheists, and silence the Catholics, all one can say is these guys are apparently trying to position themselves for next year's "Abandoning The Bastions" Awards.

Watch this dreadful train wreck as it slowly, inexorably proceeds toward its lawful end.

If the Catholics insist that Catholicism is about finding and enforcing that elusive common ground between the Faith and atheist falsehood, then they are wrong. They will be steamrolled by the atheists, this will be entirely right and just, and it will hasten the day (may it come soon!) when the Digital Areopagus is supplanted by the Digital Lepanto.

People do not want Catholicism Lite, Brandon.

The Faith is True, and can be defended as true against the ridiculous barking madness of the atheist, "something from nothing" world view.

But insisting that the ridiculous, barking madness of the atheist, "something from nothing" world view must not be subjected to refutation, is simply another chapter in the woeful "Abandoning The Bastions" strategy of "New Evangelization".

By their fruits you shall know them.

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