Friday, June 28, 2013

Lawless Tyranny Rules California

In order that we slaves might be better impressed with the rights and privileges of the preferred ruling class of homosexualists, the Ninth Circuit Court has followed up on the lawless judicial tyranny which deprived 7,000,000 California citizens of the right to defend their sovereign votes, with an outrage of cynical, piss-on-your-pants-and-tell-you-that-they're-yellow criminality which constitutes the cherry on top of this entire exercise in fascist tyranny.

In complete disregard of the directive of the Supreme Court to remand the case to the Federal District court in San Francisco, the Ninth Circuit has simply lifted the stay on the case in which they were explicitly reversed, thus ensuring that the preferred ruling class of homosexualists will be able to parade their destruction of the rule of law before the eyes of the vanquished tonight, as homosexual pseudo-marriages are performed in City Halls through the night.

This is the single most foul, detestable perversion of the rule of law in the history of the California Republic.

Sit and watch.

Let no detail of this outrage escape your notice and memory.

This is what it is when tyrants usurp the rule of law and replace it with the good pleasure of the new royalty.

May God protect the people of the State of California, who, whatever their faults, can never be accused- EVER- of having willingly acceded in the destruction of marriage, and the compulsory indoctrination of their innocent children in homosexualist perversion.


  1. Acts of sodomy even repulse devils, since they have an angelic nature, and sodomy is a distinctly human sin… incredible

  2. The problem with gay marriage - for a Catholic desirous for a just society built upon the foundation of the family - is that pornography, fornication, contraception, abortion, divorce and adultery have long ago taken root and tainted the lives of professed Christians...we are salt that has lost it's flavor and we are now being trampled under foot by the worldlings. Such we deserve. But this is a grace from God - a chastisement intended to discipline and correct those of us who love God willing to return to Him through penance. The movement of this present evil age will be reversed. Satan will suffer a decisive defeat after our Bishops - in union with Pope Francis (I pray) - consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary...but until then there is much more to be suffered.

  3. Thanks for these wise words John. A salt that has lost its flavor is one whose purity of heart ("Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God." Matt. 5:8) has been compromised, if not even totally lost. For the most part, the sins you mention generally deal primarily, if not exclusively, with violations of chastity or sexual rectitude (i.e., sins of impurity). The Church teaches us that sexual purity requires modesty.

    Modesty? What's that? It's what we rarely see in our American Society. Look around. What used to be rightly be considered scandalous abnormal immodesty is now considered the norm. Not that long ago women would have been arrested for public indecency if they went around in public the way most young women and even a lot of older women do today! We have a nation of women going around dressed more indecently than street prostitutes of less than 100 years ago.

    What about our men? Unfortunately, they have allowed themselves to be systematically emasculated, even to the point that many have given up (if they ever started in the first place) any attempt to counter-act the ravages of feminism and all the other sins which have reduced them to little more than spineless sheeple.

    How to combat this truly sad disastrous state? John hit the nail on the head. Penance -- penance, and more penance! Then and only then will we be the strong salt that we were intended to be. Only then will we have a fighting chance of saving our souls, souls which were created without our cooperation, but which God has chosen from all eternity not to save without our cooperation.