Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On The Hypotheses Which Underlie the Digital Areopagus..........

The disaster at the Digital Areopagus continues.

Having silenced all the interesting voices- well, not all- the site is collapsing, at least as measured in volume of comments and contributors.


Because the site is premised upon a false assumption.

The site desires to excommunicate all those who passionately believe the difference between atheism and Catholicism matters, and matters enough to fight for.

Brandon has failed because Brandon is an Abandon-The-Bastions neo-Catholic.

The world has already rejected this Neo-Catholicism, and why not?

It is a disgraceful perversion of the Faith; its triumph in the post-conciliar age has coincided with the most awful collapse of Catholic Faith and morals in history.

By their fruits you shall know them.


I have a contrary hypothesis.

I believe we need, not a Digital Areopagus, but a Digital Lepanto.

I would be willing to join with atheists and agnostics in financially contributing to a site, the moderation of which would be in the hands of a council of contributors, each of whom contribute equally financially toward the upkeep of the site, and all of whom must agree in order for any Memoryholing of any kind to take place.

Brandon's idea was great.

His execution was profoundly poor.

This offer stands.

Any takers?


  1. Hi Rick,

    Sungenis' websites are completely choused! You can't get to articles, you can't contact him, you can't follow links. Has he retreated from geocentrism? The last websites worked, but now everything is tossed.

    What if you mirrored the articles?

    Sigh. I guess everybody has gone home.


    1. Alas, the website migration has been.....well. It has been fraught with difficulties. Part of the problem us that this has happened just as we are in the most time-intensive stage of post- production on "The Principle", and so I can only reassure you that Bob is fully engaged in that work, and also in refining his work on geocentrism, We will have to get the links sorted out- it is indeed frustrating, since even links on my site have been disrupted.

  2. thanks for the reply.

    It is probably important to have them set up, 'cause the movie (I can hardly wait for it) will drive a huge amount of traffic to all of these links.

  3. I agree.

    Working on it!

    Film will be screened for distribution and P and A between September 15 and October 15.

    After that, we launch the campaign.