Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hilarious! Atheists Go On Strike at Digital Areopagus!

Over at the Digital Areopagus, the atheists have gone on strike.


They have packed up and left.

It seems that one of their leading lights, epeeist, has run afoul of Brandon and been banned.

The Memoryholing of Catholics at the site has already been addressed here.

But lately, the discussions have been allowed to develop more freely, and it clearly hasn't gone as the atheists had hoped.

Now of course there is one little bit of consolation for the New Atheist Brights.

They got me banned, which may have been the idea all along.

It was fun while it lasted ;-)


  1. They seriously banned you? Wow. I think I am done commenting there myself.

    1. I am surprised Brandon waited as long as he did. But he has a very thin skin and he was completely unprepared- as are all neo-Catholics- to deal with the New Atheist apologetic.

      Only dogmatoc, Thomist, Traditional Catholicism can defeat that, and that is offensive to neo-Cats.

    2. I haven't tried to post there since before the hammer came down. I would not be surprised if I was banned there too for disagreeing with the the whole atheists can be saved foolishness. What an unbelievably sad set of dialogues.

      You're right in that they are unprepared. Although, I think he has banned enough people to make it a tiny conversation compared to what it was.

      In any case, I appreciated your posts while commenting there because I learned a lot from reading them. So thank you for that!

    3. Brandon and company are extremely disoriented when it comes to Catholic dogma on justification, that's for sure.

      But then again, so are most other Catholics educated in the last two generations.

      It never ceases to amaze me how much hostility and disbelief accompanies my posting of dogmatic definitions- irreformable, heaven-protected dogmas!- of the Catholic Faith on neo-Catholic fora.

      The modernists have done their evil work very adeptly.

    4. Boggles the mind how resistant people seem to the truth. I will join Irenaeus of New York in thanking you for presenting the truth unblemished by worldly compromise. Claiming that atheists who deny the existence of God can be saved is almost as ridiculous as saying that Satan could be saved.

  2. I have been banned from there about two weeks ago. No reason given.


  3. There is no reason, Velika. The whim of the blogowner is the stand-in for reason.

    It is frustrating, I know, but there it is..........

  4. By the way, I find this Geocentric vs Heliocentric issue very fascinating. Seems that Atheist version of science is fatally flawed, both Evolution, and Copernican principle. As our technology advances and we are capable of more precise measurements, it appears whole Atheist philosophy of accidents and randomness looks more and more unsustainable and foolish. Having said that, I still believe that no amount of evidence is capable of swaying these people, only God can do that.

  5. I agree with you that only God can convert the hardened atheist. However, converting them is not the primary intention in engaging them. The primary intention in engaging them is showing the errors of thought which underlie their arguments ;-)