Friday, October 25, 2013

Adam and Eve and Ted and Alice

Dogmas are lost, not through reversal, but through abandonment.

We lost the Catholic oekonomia through the abandonment of the condemnation of usury.

The entire world totters on the brink of economic collapse because of the metastasis of usury.

We lost the Catholic cosmos through the abandonment of the condemnation of heliocentrism.

Our children laugh at the stupidity of the idea that we are special, or significant, because of the logical development of Copernicanism.

We are losing the Great Commission through the abandonment of the dogma of original sin.

How is it that no one can see that when the Church accommodates Herself to the world, the world is plunged into darkness?

Make no mistake. The modernists are targeting original sin.

It is the last obstacle to the New Pantheon.

Only the Traditionalists will resist.

Everyone else will compromise, until the time comes for full surrender.

Adam and Eve and Ted and Alice.

Trust me, most will find a way to persuade themselves that this is Catholic.


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  2. The point on usury is very important. No one can escape at this point, since the very 'money' we are forced to use in trade is a fiction that is loaned into circulation, and must be repaid with interest. Because the interest is never created (loaned into circulation) then ultimately, everything will be repossessed because these loans and their interest cannot be paid. This makes us all slaves.

    The point of Copernican theory has diluted the trust and reverence due to God by substituting another authority in His place.

    The point of "deleting" Original Sin enables us to stand aside rather than convert our family, friends, and associates, because "they are good people," and we don't want to tell them where they are headed.

    Not to despair, but I think that we are pretty much screwed. We'll have a Great Chastisement, then God will help us to put things right, for a moment.

    Be sure that when you or your family is in trouble, you pray with abandonment, gratitude, and trust in God, that he might have mercy on you and yours, and save you, no matter how hungry the lions may be.

    I can't wait for the movie to come out!! :-)

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