Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dark Matter Experiment Has Detected Nothing, Researchers Say Proudly

Presented without further comment.


  1. I imagine there will eventually be a discovery of dark matter -- a false discovery!

    Either before or during the time of the Antichrist, it should be in keeping with the incredible lying wonders of that time to come. I'd venture to say that there could be an almost endless number of scenarios as to how such a false discovery could play out.

    If we can presume that there will be a true massive grace filled global enlightening and paradigm shift to the truth of geocentrism with the Consecration of Russia (of course, we may certainly work,hope, and pray that it is before then!) we might just as readily assume that the Copernican Principle will swing back into dominance by the time the Man of Sin slithers in for his deadly three and a half year song and dance.

  2. James:

    Essentially zero chance a phony DM detection will stand. Too many scientists would be delighted to expose the scam. Notice the NYT headline? 50 years of nothing is starting to smell funny.

  3. Rick,

    Obviously, I hope you are right. You make perfect sense in a world of sense, but if that world loses its sense as it may to a great degree lose whatever faith it still retains we may be looking at a very different ball game. No doubt, many scientists would be delighted to expose the DM scam as you say, but I suspect that just as many, if not more, would be strongly motivated to re-institute it come the time when they think they could.

    The thinking behind my first posted comment was that if we can presume that there will be little faith left on the Earth (in spite of a presumed preceding universal shift of man's belief in geocentrism) most men will be very prone to believe in lying wonders (as many are already prone to believe in UFO's and extraterrestrials, not realizing that a lot of those phenomenon may well be the work of the demons; in an age when modern man prides himself in not believing in demons he more easily falls for their shenanigans).

    The fact that most of the world of science fell pretty much in lock-step (and stayed in lock-step) for so long to the pseudo-science fantasy "marching orders" of Einstein & Co. is testimony to the weakness and gullibility, if not always downright knowing deceit, of so many of our "best and brightest." History seems to have a nasty way of repeating itself.

  4. It's amazing how many of the reports still try to spin this result (eg. "Closing In on Dark Matter" or "First Results Rule Out Some Candidates").