Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lawrence Krauss Goes Silent On Twitter, Won't Answer the Question......

See here for Part One.

Well, on strictly empirical grounds, we have a situation where Lawrence Krauss has alleged "The Principle" to be nonsense.

On examination, it turns out he has never seen it; he advances this on the basis of a trailer.

On further examination, he advances this on the basis that he was "used to sell something he does not believe in".

I think we can reasonably, if provisionally, conclude he is referring to the views of others in the film, particularly concerning the existence of God, with which views Dr. Krauss manifestly does not agree.

Obviously, I could give a hoot whether he is offended that we would include other viewpoints.

He doesn't get to edit our film, just interview for it.

There is another, more interesting possibility however, and were I a betting man, I should not neglect to keep this one in mind as the story develops.

Dr. Krauss is on public record concerning the implications of the CMB Axis.

We, probably alone among all documentary projects, actually interviewed him concerning these statements.

He perhaps might recall his answers, and, in light of Planck's results, find himself in a position not unlike that of a politician who, unable to retrieve the footage, is left with the option of attempting to discredit the source.

We'll see ;-)

One of the good things about "The Principle" is that we retain 35 hours of unedited raw footage of all of the interviews, and transcripts, and we are very prepared to respond to any and all allegations of impropriety or selective editing.

Boy howdy are we prepared.

I keep telling people: "The Principle" is the one movie you absolutely must see THIS year!


  1. It occurs to me that there might be a cottage industry in arranging debates concerning the ideas advanced by the various contributors to "The Principle" once it is released ;-)

  2. Ooh this is some exciting stuff !

  3. Wait, I'm confused.

    If by "Krauss goes silent," you mean to say he said "Nothing" ---?

    Does that mean he won't shut up?

    (Thank you, thank you, and don't forget to tip the waitress!)

  4. my wife and i go to the movies on average only once a year, and that's on Boxing Day here in Australia (26 Dec). The last movie we went to was The Hobbit (part 2). It looks very likely we will be seeing 2 movies this year: The Hobbit (part 3) on Dec 26, and The Principle, when it comes to Australia. What an exciting year this will be!!! ... especially if you are a Catholic always on the defensive! To God be glory forever!!!