Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the Retirement of "The Pastry Pontiff"

Reader Hugh Beaumont writes: 

It really is not kosher
To engage in this kibbitz
He'd rather your ad hominems
Were ad hominy grits.

I reply:
Yes, "Pastry" is ad hominem.
It's true.
You're right.

Henceforth, the "Pastry Pontiff"
shall remain
just plain
"Mark Shea"


  1. I'm really getting inspired:)

    To side with Cardinal Bellarmine
    In Galileo's trial
    Is tantamount to quackery
    And Holocaust denial.

    To call the earth a special place
    Is really very odd
    You must have come from outer space
    To claim there is a God

    1. You can say that when you discover another earth, a place that supports life. Until you do, you will be a quack.

    2. Consider the alternative!
      You're nothing, don't you see?

      A billion planets must have life
      Think scientifically!

      To even speak against this
      Is a joke, a hoot, a laugh!

      You ask me for the evidence?
      Its right there in the math