Monday, April 7, 2014

UPDATE: More Evidence That "The Principle" Is, Indeed, The One Movie You Absolutely MUST See This Year

What in the world are these people so afraid of, you might legitimately wonder?

What is it about our dynamite little indie science film that has the powers shaking and trembling so much that they are reduced to drearily predictable efforts to make "The Principle", somehow, about the Jews?

I keep telling you.

The Copernican Principle is the most powerful idea in the modern world; in fact the modern world is brought into existence by this idea.

The very last thing that some folks want, is for you to actually see the shocking, profoundly unexpected (from within Copernican Principle assumptions) evidence of Earth-oriented structure on the very largest scales of the observable cosmos.

But "The Principle" has that evidence.

And, by the way, Lawrence Krauss still has not answered the question.

Stay tuned from here on in, because this story is about to get very, very much bigger than probably anyone would have been prepared to believe.

Now, I expect, some of those who have been following this film are beginning to get a sense that I have not been exaggerating the importance, and the uniquely daring nature, of our film.

PS: Pay very close attention in the coming days. So far only Krauss has decided to try and discredit a film he has never seen (and the link above will tell you my best guess as to why).

Everyone else involved has, so far, retained a decent consideration for the idea that one ought to see a film, before one dismisses it (or embraces it, for that matter).

I promise you, at the end of the day, "The Principle" will stand and speak for itself, and I would advise those who might be tempted to follow Krauss to bear in mind that it will speak very powerfully.


  1. This film is incredibly powerful and incredibly important. It will stand on its own merits regardless of who or what tries to bring it or its producers down. The truth shall prevail and in and through that manifestation of truth God will be glorified!

  2. Dear sir, I have come to believe the geo position from scripture and from men such as yourself over the last two years. I look forward to seeing your movie. The Word said God created the heavens and the earth....God created the firmament in the midst of the waters of the earth....therefore the earth is not the heaven. God placed the sun and moon in the firmament....therefore the earth is not in the firmament or heaven. I am not able to follow all of the scientific jargon in all of the blogs I read. I am a simple man. I see the sun moon and stars move one way although heliocentrism tells me that the sun and stars are not moving and the moon is actually going in the opposite direction. I don't feel the earth moving despite the acceleration and deceleration that must be taking place per Kepler's 2nd law. Lastly, the thing that seals it for me is all of the star trail pics. They all have Polaris in the center regardless of pic location or time of day or season of year. My little mind tells me that for Polaris to always be in the center the earth must be established that it be not moved as a lazer from earth would not even hit Polaris if it was removed 180 million miles away on the opposite side of the sun six months later. I too believe that this is a great Spiritual Issue. Thank you for your efforts.

    1. Yes Manny, our supposed orbit around the sun. I’m glad you brought that up.

      Yes, orbiting bodies that are ellipsis move faster when closer to the body that they are orbiting than when they are farther.

      For instance, with the earth, as it “orbits” the sun, it would be moving faster at perihelion (closer to the sun) than at aphelion (farther from the sun).

      I have a question: Wouldn’t we feel that change in speed? Wouldn’t there be some phenomenon noted here on earth related to such a change in orbital velocity?

      The earth supposedly orbits at 66,000mph; THAT’S THE AVERAGE SPEED. I’ll bet someone could figure out the speed extremes using Keplers’ area laws; the speed at perihelion and at aphelion.

      When we are on an airplane, as long as there is no change in direction or speed we don’t sense that we are moving. But usually, any change in speed or direction can be immediately felt.

      In the case of the earths' "orbit", couple the fact that we would experience changes in orbital velocities, (because the orbit is elliptical), while traversing counter-clockwise around the sun, (especially at perihelion), with the "fact" that we are also “rotating” counter-clockwise.

      So as we’re slung through perihelion, those of us who are on the outside of the earth farthest from the sun, would be experiencing the added 1000mph “rotational” speed; bringing us to – at least -- 67,000mph. Then 12 hours later, when you are on the inside, (closest to the sun), rotating opposite of the orbital direction, we would then subtract the 1000mph and consequently we’d be traveling 2000mph slower than when we’re on the “outside”.


      Keep up the good work Rick. I’ve read some of the blog posts against you and Robert and the movie; these people are soooo vicious and disgusting. It’s so reassuring to know that these “open minded” liberal types are so fair and welcoming to other points of view… Their words and attitudes confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we’re on the right side of this. Thank You so much! We’re praying for you guys!



    2. I humbly and gratefully thank you and all for your prayers, Michael. It iOS our secret weapon ;-)