Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IMPORTANT NEWS: Link to "The Principle Under Attack", Airing Live Wednesday May 28 at 8pm Eastern!

Among other treats, we will be providing a world exclusive- a direct, on camera copy of the release forms signed by Lawrence Krauss and Julian Barbour (the only two interviewees, thus far, to have explicitly raised the idea that they never gave permission to be interviewed).

This alone is a national news event, since Time, NPR, Slate, HuffPo, Popular Science, and hundreds of other news outlets have run stories suggesting these releases do not exist ;-)

We will also be providing unforgettable clips from the raw footage of the interviews which will completely debunk any claim that the scientists did not know what the film was about, that Kate Mulgrew was misinformed about the subject of the movie, and……..

Best of all, we will provide an on camera look at the single tweet which launched this whole media hoax…and will identify who was behind it!

(HINT- It Ain't The Jews!)


  1. "(Hint-It Ain't The Jews!)" I know! I know! It's the star of that sci-fi classic "The Thing That Ate Donuts."

  2. It's pretty interesting to see this happen because after it happens, telling about it is going to sound like it was impossible. How could so many people be eager to believe lies, and ready to repeat them, saying that Krauss, Barbour and Mulgrew had no idea what they were reading or discussing? They would have to be idiots. I could believe that of Obama, but these guys?

    The thing that's glaring to me is how FAST they all piled on the bandwagon, like someone was directing traffic. The impossible lie was the big hot potato and then suddenly it was GONE. Go back and check the archives: the bell curve was a SPIKE with nothing before and nothing after. It all happened in an hour or two. Don't these people have real lives to live? Or do they drop everything and answer their tweets religiously??

    Come to think of it, this happened 140 years ago, when an amateur sailor and entomology hobbyist published a book that went "viral" -- as if the world had been waiting for it. Actually, there was a significant number who had been waiting for some excuse to reject special creation and this, they thought, would fill the bill.

    But the energy and dedication of those who would deny truth gets more ready respondents waiting in the wings, it would seem, than that of those who would defend the truth. This can't be a game of numbers, but must be a process of truth and justice.

  3. Stop the presses! Leaked footage from the Principle is online! This shows indisputable proof that the filmmaker's flagrantly edited Lawrence Krauss' interview out of context! : P

  4. OMG, Jonathan, you're right!! I've found another leaked clip!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGRzgejqsqc

  5. what can one expect from people that make their way of living lying? More lies of course because; now days everything is a contest in which the best liar takes the price or the best pay. Since the beginning of the promotion of the movie the forces of the new religion (science), back it up by their friends in the Press put into motion what ever means need it to suppress or discredit the movie. I expect that their final weapon of mass deception would be to accuse the producers of being anti-Elder Brothers. God bless you Rick, you're in my prayers.

  6. Hi Rick, Great show! I would love to be considered for contributing in some way to your efforts concerning The Principle. I also emailed you at info@theprinciplemovie.com.

    Mike Reynolds

    1. Thank you so much, Mike!

      I will be in touch personally through the website.

  7. After your interview with Michael Voris, I e-mailed you folks as well to offer my support. Best wishes and God bless.

    Casey Cain

  8. Hi Rick,

    Sent an e-mail to the info@theprinciplemovie.com . I'm in Toronto, Canada, but hope I can help in some way.

  9. Why exactly has "The Principle"'s release been delayed from Spring to Autumn: for political, religious, ideological, scientific, technical, legal, financial or personal reasons?!