Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"The Principle" Has A Major Announcement To Make!

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, at 8pm Eastern, on Michael Voris' "Mic'd Up" show streaming worldwide on ChurchMilitant TV,  the Executive Producer and Producer of "The Principle" will officially announce our release date and additional particulars concerning our upcoming theatrical distribution!

Heads up!- we will also be addressing in delicious and hilarious detail the various claims which have been advanced concerning our alleged preternatural powers to hypnotize the smartest guys in the world into interviews so we could cleverly edit them into saying they are all geocentrists, and to somehow manage to have Captain Janeway read the entire script of the film into the microphone without ever having understood what the film was about.

Also, we will address just who might have…you know…sort of "pushed the button" on this comical media narrative, which spread throughout the internet in twenty four short hours.

Who was behind this amazing example of media buffoonery?

(HINT: It Ain't The Jews!)






Tally-ho and away we go!


  1. Well, KK has the ADL & the SPLC on his speed dial...... Hmmm

  2. Whoever did this has left his 'mark' right?

  3. May 28th...?!!

    But I want it NOW!!! : (

    The previous Miked-Up was awesome! I'm super-pumped for the next! : )

    I believe it'll also be good to reach out to other alternative media, the bulk of whom are already getting more viewers than the mainstream media and would likely give you a more fairer presentation. Invite the likes of Alex Jones, Stephen Corbett, even Protestant organizations like AnswersInGenesis and maybe even those heliocentrists over at the Thunderbolts Project who similarly critique Einstein and the current cosmological consensus.

    I continue praying hard for your success and protection through the Immaculate Virgin Mary, she who is clothed by the Sun, crowned with stars, & wiser than all the world's men put together.

    1. Okay, then, here you are -- It's May 28th!

    2. Oh, yes.

      It certainly is ;-)

      On this of all days- oh, the irony! Oh, the humor!- Mark Shea decides to write a column about Joe The Plumber.

      Every once in a while, things just fall together in a way that…….well.
      Dear friends, DO NOT MISS THIS.

      Trust me, you will understand how beautifully Mark has set the stage for "The Principle Under Attack", tonight 8pm Eastern, LIVE on "Mic'd Up"!

      This is going to be completely epic ;-)


    3. The YouTube trailer has 284,254 views this morning. Not too shabby.


  4. Oh really? Both Mulgrew and Krauss have called you out:


    1. I have responded here, Matt:


      If you read this statement very carefully, three or four time, until its meaning penetrates, I think you will have s bit of a sense of where this thing will be going, beginning May 28 ;-)

      "On this latter point, I want to emphasize that “The Principle” is in possession of signed release forms from all of its contributors, most certainly including Lawrence Krauss.

      Any suggestion to the contrary is simply a falsehood.

      These releases include explicit notification of our intention to explore controversial aspects of cosmology, even highly controversial ideas and theories.

      Lawrence says he has no idea how he ended up in our film.

      I can tell him how he ended up in our film.

      He signed a release form, and cashed a check.

      I have both.

      He sat for an interview of about five hours’ length.

      I have the footage.

      And the transcripts."

      It has been suggested by more than one observer that this "we were duped and can't remember a thing even though we haven't seen the film yet" story would make a great SNL skit ;-)

  5. Yes, interviews wiith show like Alex Jones's would give the film great coverage. Rush Limbaugh? And a press release for some of the big Catholic and other Media blogs?

    1. E.g. Have you sent a copy of the film to Fr Z? His blog has very large readership. Have you sent copy to cosmologist, Fr Spitzer SJ, for his reaction?

    2. Lynda:

      The film has not been released yet, but we will be announcing our release date on the Voris show May 28.

      I have the great benefit of having two of the most seasoned and savvy marketing minds in the industry aboard for "The Principle", and they are in charge of all that.

      I'll just go wherever they need me to go ;-)

  6. Hi Rick

    Strange how the timing of this worked out!

    As your readers know, The Principle also reveals a part of the newly discovered features concerning the geocentric nature of Stonehenge in England. These discoveries will be formally presented in London on May 31st at the summer conference of the Organisation for Research into Lost Knowledge (a charitable educational trust founded in England during the 1960's)

    My kind regards


  7. Congratulations, Jon!

    The Stonehenge sequence has proven to be a real "aha!" moment at screenings of "The Principle".

    Thanks so much for your contributions in this area!

  8. The Stonehenge sequence IMHO went by much too quickly. I wanted to rewind and go.. Aha!..... Aha! .... Aha! .... etc. That one theme could be a movie in itself. Do you know there are scale models of Stonehenge erected in various parts of the world? One of them is just on the north bank of the Colombia River in Washington state, overlooking the Oregon southern bank (which is greener because it's in the shade!). There was a total eclipse of the Sun there in 1978 (+/-) and hundreds of people from hundreds of miles in all directions showed up to be in the path of totality that day. We saw shadow bands, the Diamond Ring, and lots of strange people doing very strange things. The lintels of that model are complete, and some of the visitors were running around in circles atop the horizontal stones 18 feet above the ground. At that point, I knew what those lintels had been for, built thousands of years ago on the Salisbury plain so far away.

    1. I completely agree with you that the Stonehenge sequence could easily be expanded into a fascinating film in its very own right, and I would say that there are at least five excellent films lying on the cutting room floor of "The Principle", which, even so cut, packs so much information that it asks a great deal of its audience.

      Another really good thing about the film ;-)

  9. I found an interesting video by Stephen Crothers critiquing the recent BICEP2 findings. While primarily concerned with criticizing Einstein and Big Bang Cosmology, it takes the position that the CMB doesn't exist and is instead measuring radiation from the Earth. Could either you or Bob comment on it?

    The video is here, about 15 mins in length. I'll copy the pertinent bits below, but it's best to listen to the video in context.

    "Penzias & Wilson did not assign their signal at ~3K to the Cosmos. That was done immediately by theoreticians Dicke, Wilkinson, Peebles, and Roll... violated the laws of thermal emission when they assigned a temperature to their residual signal... Kirchhoff's Law of Thermal emission is not universal. On both counts, assignment of a temperature to the Cosmos by means of thermal emission is inadmissable, even if there is a Cosmic Microwave Background present.

    However, there is in fact no Cosmic Microwave Background. If you put a glass of water in a microwave oven and turn it on, does the water reflect or absorb the microwaves? Anyone who has used a microwave oven knows that the water gets hot and if irradiated long enough will vaporize. That's why the oven is called a microwave oven. The same happens with a block of ice. Thus, water in all its phases absorbs microwaves. Consequently, water, in all its phases, also emits microwaves.

    All detections of the monopole signal, i.e. the mean temperature, of the microwave background have been within the vicinity of Earth. There is a lot of water on Earth. About 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, and there iss water in the atmosphere as well. In addition, the Earth's atmosphere scatters microwave radiation from these reseroirs of water. The instruments which have detected this monopole signal simply picked up microwave radiation from water on Earth, not from the cosmos.

    BICEP2 observes from the ground, in Antartica. Penzias and Wilson observed from the ground. The WMAP and Planck spacecraft were located 1.5 millions km from Earth at the Second Lagrange Point (L2). No monopole microwave signal has ever been detected outside the influence of Earth.

    The COBE, WMAP & Planck instruments have reported anisotrophies in the CMB. However, since there is no CMB, there are no cosmic anisotrophies either. The anisotrophies reported are data-processing artefacts, merely ghost signals introduced by data-processing due to attempts to remove noise due to the galactic foreground and the dipole signal. Moreover, the Planck spacecraft didn't even operate as intended, because its two on-board 4K blackbody loads, used for signal comparison, are known to have been defective, and so did not function as blackbody radiation sources at any time in flight. In fact, the results reported by the Planck team actually confirm that there is no monopole signal at L2, owing to the defective 4K loads, as has been explained in detail by Robitaille in his paper...

    Since there is no Cosmic Microwave Background there has been no detection of Einstein gravitational waves, primordial or otherwise, by BICEP2, and no affirmation of an inflationary Big Bang expanding universe whatsoever."

    1. Jonathan:

      I had a very extensive exchange with Dr. Robitaille on his claims, on a subscription physics list.

      Let me cut right to the bottom line.

      If Dr. Robitaille is correct, then the CMB is merely reflected microwaves at 2.7 Kelvin emanating from the oceans.

      I asked him to explain how it could possibly be the case that COBE, which was designed with a collector horn which would admit radiation only from *in front* of a 7 degree-wide aperture, could possibly have picked up a signal coming from directly *behind* it.

      I was told that microwaves are nasty things, that curve around like snakes.

      I pointed out that microwaves are well-observed to propagate spherically outward from a source.

      I asked him if he had any published experimental verification of his extraordinary claim.

      He did not.

      I then asked him how it was that, even granted that one can collect microwave emissions by aiming a 7 degree aperture in the opposite direction of the source, the WMAP and Planck satellites had measured the same signal- including, *crucially*, the same dipole and octupole, when they were not only pointed directly away from the oceans, but were also at a Lagrange point *over a million kilometers away from the oceans".

      He then denied that WMAP and Planck had in fact observed anything, and that it was all an artifact of the data extraction algorithms.

      At this point I referenced Max Tegmark's paper on how the CMB signal is extracted from both the WMAP and Planck data.

      Dr. Robitaille did not respond to any of the points I made concerning the paper, and I conclude that his extraordinary claim does not begin to accompany itself with extraordinary evidence.

      I conclude, in fact, that his argument is difficult to credit even in its initial claim, since it is, again, well-established that we do not build our microwave receivers so that they point in the opposite direction of the transmitters.

    2. My first impression of this is, if Dr. Robitaille is correct, that microwaves are "nasty things" and they "curve around like snakes," then what's the point of building devices that collect microwaves when the data would be meaningless? How could we have multiple satellites and other devices in use that observe and record microwaves when they're nasty things that curve around like snakes? It sounds like he would like to say, "The CMB isn't showing me what I want it to show me, therefore I'm going to deny that it exists."