Thursday, May 29, 2014

Requiem for a Media Hoax

Thanks to Michael Voris and crew for allowing us to provide the remedy for a truly ugly, truly anti-intellectual freedom, truly chilling example of a media hoax.

Now that the clips, the release forms, and the facts are in view, mark your calendars.

"The Principle" premieres October 24.

Buckle up.

There are some ideas so powerful that they can burn heretics, overturn civilizations, and turn our world view upside down.

"The Principle" is one of them.


  1. The release of The Principle, and perhaps Scotland regaining independence on the same day; birthday presents don't get any better for me.

    1. I will certainly raise a birthday toast in your direction, Anthony!

      Won;t be hard to remember yours from now on ;-)

      May God prosper your independence from the House of Windsor.

  2. My take on Larry Kraus, etal.. I think these "media scientists" are always on the alert to create a science "buzz". They're celebrities. (as much as a scientist could be one) So initially, they went with you guys all the way - because they didn't know where you were ultimately headed. They just figured they'd be promoting themselves with the "science is fun and fascinating" act they always put on. Get the picture? I'm not trying to be rash - I'm just not a good writer. Or maybe, I'm not trying to be rash, I just am:)

  3. It is quite clear that our interviewees are upset that Unapproved Viewpoints were included.

    I can not possibly express adequately the degree of contempt I feel for this disapproval.

    I enjoyed meeting many of our interviewees, and enjoyed discussions in person and via email with several of them, even off camera.

    But the disgraceful repudiation of our film under media hoaxer pressure is not their finest hour, to say the least.

    Perhaps Orange is actually the new Yellow…..

    1. Unapproved Viewpoints -- they're getting nervous that their erstwhile grip on Who Gets to Decide What Is Approved and What Isn't is starting to fray, and to appear worse for wear. They haven't been doing such a good job with their conservatorship, and it's starting to show. And being "the principle of the thing" isn't any help, either.

    2. Hey! What's wrong with orange? Orange juice is wonderful! You don't have to add sugar (like you do with lemonade -- from yellow lemons!).

    3. When life gives you lemons, make orange juice!!