Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Free Thought Blogs" the First Ex-Member of the Magisterial Fundies Memoryhole Hall of Fame

UPDATE 1/28: I have received a communication from "articulett" (this is the fellow I mention below who went a few rounds with me on the original thread).

He informs  me:

"John temporarily moved his sites to Freethought Blogs because they invited him over there-- but he decided to return to this site which he has developed over a number of years. All of his posts from there are gone because his address there is gone. You flatter yourself if you imagine it was some devastating argument you made or personal towards you."

So we have our very first Ex-Member of the Magisterial Fundies Memoryhole Hall of Fame!

Standing invitation to articulett, IronChariot, or any other readers of the "Debunking Christianity" site to drop by anytime.

Well, there is irony, and then there is hilarious.

A while back I was invited by a correspondent to take a little test over at freethoughtblogs, an atheist site dedicated to the promulgation of the no-brow intellectual Stalinism some refer to as the "New Atheist" movement.

The "brights", I believe they call themselves.... (brief pause for nausea alleviation....)


Better now.

Well, I took the test, and one of the Defenders of the Antifaith came by, and we went a few rounds, and he went away, and ever since then I have been picking up a good amount of traffic from the link I left at the bottom of the thread.

This morning I clicked it and lo and behold.........

Better yet, see for yourself.

Freedom of thought in action, "new atheist" style.

Welcome, James Loftus, to the Magisterial Fundies Memory Hole Hall of Fame!

Y'all come on by anytime.

We don't memory hole ideas here at Magisterial Fundies.

You guys got any?


  1. Did he delete the whole post? I can't find it.

  2. The whole thread- the test, and all the comments...........


    So much for free thought.........

  3. Morrison: I tried editing your comment to remove the personal character attack. It turns out I am unable to edit comments before posting, so please resubmit your comment without the (unsubstantiated) character attack.

    We deal with ideas here.

    1. Morrison:

      Better, but still no cigar. I cannot locate the citation online, and since it constitutes a personal attack (although your other observations concerning Mr. Loftus' continuation in his position after losing his faith are very relevant and I would happily post these) I would need the direct quote with citation.

  4. Rickthis is off-topic, but are you going to do an article about Dave Armstrong's attack on Bob Sungenis?

    1. Steve:

      Looks like Bob beat me to it!


      I will definitely keep my eye on Dave Armstrong's latest (really, really, really) ridiculous attempt to "protect us" from Bob.

      PS: Looks like the comment threads aren't exactly going Dave's way, even on his own blog.