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Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way- David Clayton's Crisis of Confidence

UPDATE 1/11/12:

I pose a question at the end of this piece.

There is now a new answer.

To ring in the New Year, another example of the equivocating, timid, and tentative nature of the neo-Catholic apologetic- always with regard to issues touching upon that characteristic Goliath of our age-scientism!

This time from David Clayton at Crisis Magazine.........

Mr. Clayon is to be commended for posting, even if here at the cusp of 2012, an article referencing scientific evidence compiled and released in 1994, in  "The Privileged Planet", which suggests Earth might not be such an "insignificant" bit of random rock after all.

Now, a lot has happened since 1994.

And Mr. Clayton knows it.


Because he read about it, it in my first attempt to buck him up with the shocking, red meat, smash-mouth-football *new observations* which are blowing the doors off the standard model of cosmology.

He read it............

but he didn't publish it.

Of course an absolutely ludicrous "argument from probability" to which David willingly acquiesced (groundlessly!) was published.

But not this:

A lot has happened since 1994.

We now know that:
1. The largest visible structure in the universe is aligned in absolutely astonishing ways with the Earth:
2. Models constructed at Oxford University in 2008, along with subsequent, peer-reviewed mathematical derivations, show that the need for "dark energy" disappears- if we dispense with the Copernican principle and place Earth at the center of a cosmic under density:
3. Peer reviewed studies of galaxy distributions show periodic, concentric, Earth centered structure out at least a billion light years:
Excerpt from latter (which appears in Physical Review D):
“A widespread idea in cosmology is that the universe is homogeneous and isotropic above a certain scale. This hypothesis, usually called the cosmological principle (e.g., [1]), is thought to be a generalization of the Copernican principle that “the Earth is not in a central, specially favored position”. The assumption is that any observer at any place at the same epoch would see essentially the same picture of the large scale distribution of galaxies in the universe. 
However, according to a Fourier analysis by Hartnett & Hirano [2], the galaxy number count N from redshift z data (N–z relation) indicates that galaxies have preferred periodic redshift spacings.........A natural interpretation is that concentric spherical shells of higher galaxy number densities surround us, with their individual centers situated at our location.”
There is much, much more to come..........

This first post disappeared into that Memory Hole so beloved of neo- Catholic bloggers whose antennae are rarely set a-twitching by atheist evolutionary fairy tales, scientism, or even just plain idiocy.......but who respond like a jackrabbit downrange of an a-bomb test whenever anything smacking of the two dreaded "G- words" (Galileo, or- gasp!- geocentrism) appears......


In an effort to ease any possible misgivings on Mr. Clayton's part at the thought of associating his pristine brand with a "known geocentrist", I sent him a second post:

You see, David, the atheists have eviscerated you because you lack the courage to fight back.
I present you, once again, with the tools.
You have a moral obligation to employ them.
By all means feel free to cut and paste the links without attribution to me.
Attribution to me is unimportant.
The demolition of the false and arrogant claims- NOW OBSERVATIONALLY FALSIFIED- of the bullheaded ignorant New Atheists, is supremely important.
Now either lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Souls are at stake.

The credibility of the Scriptures and the Church are at stake.

Do the right thing for heavens' sake.

Alas, no joy. This one disappeared, like the first, into the Memory Hole.

Hmmmmmm......... a tough nut to crack, but perhaps not impossible.........

David Clayton, after all, is presumably Catholic, and he is named for a King of Israel- a man after God's Own Heart.

Perhaps a Biblical reference might resonate with him?


The third time's the charm:

Now it is kind of impressive that David let that one through.

Immediately thereafter, I resubmitted the links, which also appear on the thread.

I invite the reader to see what happened next, when the resident "Defender of Science", "dch", shared with us with his considered opinion concerning the "fifth planet"-- Earth (!?)

Scroll down for the rest of my exchange with dch.

Now this story ends, alas, with a reversion to form on the part of Mr. Clayton.

After solemnly ignoring my peer-reviewed links, dch advances what he imagines to be his "hole card", the hilariously incompetent "but we couldn't get to Mars without heliocentrism!" gambit.

My response?

Memoryholed again.

Here it is, for those who might find such an "argument" as dch's at all persuasive:

CRISIS censored 12/30/11
Please read the following excerpt very carefully. You will find that *all* the NASA software licensed from JPL for use in both the GPS *and* deep space probe navigation, does the entire calculation in the ECI (Earth Centered Inertial) frame; that is, the geocentric frame:
"...NavCom Technology, Inc. has licensed software developed by the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) which, because of historical reasons, does the entire computation in the ECI frame. Because of some discrepancies between our standard earth-centered earth- fixed solution results and the JPL results, we investigated the input parameters to the solution very carefully. The measured and theoretical ranges computed in the two different frames agreed precisely, indicating that the Sagnac correction had been applied in each frame.... Is the speed of light constant with respect to the observer (receiver) or is it constant with respect to the chosen inertial ECI frame? Clearly the GPS range equation indicates the speed of light is constant with respect to the chosen frame..."------Ruyong Wang and Ronald R. Hatch, Conducting a Crucial Experiment of the Constancy of the Speed of Light Using GPS, ION GPS 58th Annual Meeting / CIGTF 21st Guidance Test Symposium, 2002, p. 500.

So. NASA uses JPL navigation software for its GPS and deep space/interplanetary probes which does the entire navigation calculation in the Earth Centered Inertial (geocentric) frame!

Now where else are you going to find delicious tidbits like this in the Catholic blogosphere?

Nowhere the neo-Catholic apologetic holds sway, that's for sure!

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