Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On The Case of Father Rodriguez

This matter is a case of a bad bishop suing a good priest in a civil court because the good priest refused to allow the bad bishop to control the good priest's cash.

Now go back and read the above sentence, taking out the "good" and "bad" adjectives.

The first version conveys the truth.

The second version conveys the facts.

This is why the bad bishop decided to bring the matter to a civil court.

In a civil court, the truth is irrelevant.

Only the facts are relevant.

For similar reasons, civil courts typically find that same sex pseudo-marriage is a right.

Civil courts cannot distinguish truth.

They can only establish facts.

May God richly bless, protect, console, and uphold the wonderful Catholic priest Fr. Rodriguez, who did what any pastor would do, who loved his flock.

The bishop?

I have not a word to say about him, except that there exists one Judge who cares not a whit about "the facts".

Only the truth.

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  1. Brilliant Rick. You would really give G.K.C. a run for his money in acumen and wit!