Monday, January 30, 2012

Atheist Author John Loftus the Newest Member of the Magisterial Fundies Memoryhole Hall Of Fame


"The site has blocked you from posting new comments."

If you can't debunk, you can always Memoryhole!

Welcome to the Memoryhole Hall of Fame, John!


Over at John Loftus' blog "Debunking Christianity", John himself has finally made an appearance.

I have asked him to answer the question that so far, none of his contributors have been able to answer.

The thread ought to be viewed soon, I would venture to guess.

It might not be around all that long.

Of course I have screenshots if technical issues should intervene...............

UPDATE 12:58 PST 1/30/12: Didn't take long. My comments are now being blocked, but at least the thread is still up.

UPDATE 1:08 PST 1/30/12: Annnnnnnd we have a new Memory Hole Hall of Famer, as John W. Loftus, that fearless advocate of free thought and scientific honesty, has begun to pull down some of my inconvenient posts about Mary's Bones :-)

I think I may revisit this exchange in a future post with screenshots.


They contain soft tissue, collagen, and hemes.

Now Mary has always refused to carbon date the bones.

But another team of researchers- ironically, attempting to prove Mary's Bones were contaminated with "biofilms"- did carbon date them.
Instead, it was organic dinosaur (TRex) tissue.

Dated to less than 60,000 carbon years of age.

What should a scientist like Mary Schweitzer do in the face of this evidence, John?

Ignore it?

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