Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quasar Polarization Shows Preferred Direction- The Equatorial Plane of Earth!

This new paper digs more deeply into earlier observations reported on this blog, concerning the evidence that optical polarization vectors for quasars are not random, as the Copernican Principle predicts (assumes).

Instead, the preferred direction is related to the equatorial plane of Earth- aligned with the cosmological dipole, now known to define a preferred direction observed to span the entire universe, not only in the CMB, but in large scale structure including quasar and radio source distributions, and Type 1aSupernovae distributions.


Thus the u1 and u2 Maxwell vectors of the 183 QSO sample determine a near-Equatorial coordinate system which has directions determined by the plane of the Earth’s equator. Other planets have other equatorial planes, so the coincidence suggests a local deflection of polarization vectors, which without convincing corroboration must be deemed unlikely. The interesting outcome is that a preferred coordinate system is determined by QSO polarization vectors. 

"The Principle" trailer and Facebook page will launch in the next ten days.

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  1. Wow, more, independent counter-evidence disproving cosmology's isotropy assumption!

    Thanks again for your research and spotting the interesting articles on arXiv.

  2. Why must "a local deflection of polarization vectors…be deemed unlikely"?

  3. It is no more unlikely than polarization fairies standing guard over the quasars.

    Both solutions consist in fictitious entities proposed as solutions to anomalies; entities which exist solely in order to solve the anomalies.

    Sort of like this........


    1. But, considering the penchant for scientists recently to invent "hidden variables" in often desperate attempts to preserve outdated theories, it seems this scientist would have seriously considered, for example, that perhaps the earth's magnetic field could do this. But then I guess the question would be: Why does it only affect light from QSO?…

  4. Maybe the polarization fairies don't like galaxies........

    Seriously, though- the Earth centered anomalies do seem to be quite prominent in the oldest (actually, the highest-redshift) objects, including QSO's and the CMB, which suggests real problems for best-buy cosmology.