Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Struck By The Quality Of Nothingness The Experiment Had Revealed....."

An absolutely epic insight into the exact nature of the post scientific method.

“They have not found dark matter,” said one particle theorist, who was struck by the quality of the nothingness the experiment had revealed.


  1. It is getting comical. From BBC News:
    "If LUX fails to conclusively find dark matter, the team has another chance with an even larger and more sensitive experiment: LUX-ZEPLIN.

    But if this cannot see any signs of the elusive particles, then it could be that physicists have got the concept of dark matter wrong and will have to come up with some new theories."

  2. Lately over at Center for Intelligent Design, they have been exposing fallacies of Copernican Principle.

  3. Did you coin the term "post-scientific method"? I like it. ☺

  4. I used it in a post on "Consilience", which is to the post-scientific methoid what crucial proof-of-principle experiment was to the scientific method.