Saturday, November 30, 2013

"The Principle" Update!

On Friday, November 15, I screened "The Principle" for a very influential film financier, who has put up the initial financing for the theatrical release of some of the most successful films in history.

In order to determine the "want to see" which exists "out there", we have decided to conduct a two week viral marketing test of the film.

We are scheduled to release our trailer, launch our Facebook page, and commence the marketing test on Monday, December 9 (fingers crossed that we can have everything ready!).

If we are able to secure a strong degree of interest as demonstrated by visits to our page and views of our trailer, we will receive a funding commitment for a theatrical release of "The Principle".

Please visit here for the link, probably by the latter part of next week, and please help us achieve our target by visiting our page and viewing our trailer.

I expect a quite animated discussion will quickly commence on the Facebook page as well ;-)


  1. Awsome Rick

    Really looking forward to it. I already passed along message to my friends, so they know about this movie coming out "sometime in the future".

    I hope everything will go along with your plans and the movie will indeed get a big audience so that people will be made aware of what is going on.

    One funny thing I can share, is that I had a dream couple days ago about my "imagined" beginning of "The Principle", that was almost taken out of the Matrix movie ;). Something to the degree of "What would you say if you found out you have been lied to your whole life? What would you say if you found out what you think you know is a lie? What would you say if the world that is portrait to you, is not the real world? ..."

    Well suffice to say, can't really wait for the movie :)


  2. Great stuff Rick.

    I'm wondering if there will be an opportunity to watch the movie online anywhere? I live in SE Asia and I doubt there will be any screenings here.

    I will tell all the guys at the Biblical Cosmology, Astronomy and Geocentricity page to like your page and get on the trailer and take part in discussion over there.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Thanks, gentlemen!

    @Lucas: You will get a kick out of the first thing you hear on the trailer ;-)

    @Strangelove: We are on the verge of a theatrical release in US theaters. If we secure this- and it all comes down to the response to the two week viral marketing test- then worldwide distribution is assured, including internet streaming/download, cable, and DVD.

    At least ;-)

  4. Haha. Well, you got me curious, and I will deffinetly pay attention even more at the beginning :D