Sunday, December 8, 2013

For All You Nightowls........

"The Principle" trailer just went up at YouTube!


Facebook, Twitter, and website go live tomorrow.


  1. Just watched the trailer; loved it! I will tell everybody I know and everybody I don't know.

    Thank you Rick Delano and Robert Sungenis, for turning me on to Geocentricity.

    Over the years I've read the Bibles' account in Joshua and believed what it said about God stopping the sun and moon, but I never put the two together that the sun actually revolves around the earth.

    There is work to be done to inform the secular population but also to inform bible believers that believe the Bible is inerrant, yet believe the heliocentric model that we've been taught all our lives; a model which clearly contradicts the Bibles many geocentric passages.

    So Excited!

    It’s going to be “baby steps” to spring 2014. Can’t wait!

    Great work!