Friday, December 6, 2013

Links to "The Principle" Trailer, Launching Monday, December 9!

A two-week viral marketing test of "The Principle" trailer will commence on Monday, December 9, 2013.

The trailer will be available for viewing on Facebook, YouTube, and our website:

The Facebook page can be searched as of Monday- "The Principle movie"- and the website will go live with a temporary splash page the same day.

UPDATE 12/8: Here are the links to the Facebook page, and our Twitter account. These will not go live until Monday December 9:

Please spread this far and wide through your own networks.

The success of this viral campaign will secure a platform theatrical release for "The Principle" in the United States.

A true viral explosion will secure us even more than that ;-)

And thanks to James and Lucas below for the reminder that there is one thing you can do for our project that is even more important.......


  1. Rick: "Please spread this far and wide through your own networks."

    In doing this let us not overlook the most powerful network of all, the prayer network we should have with our Creator who being all Power and Truth itself is the one from whose hands the ultimate victory may come. Let us humbly implore Him through the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to -- even more than UND sports fans! -- "shake down the thunder from the sky" and break down the Luciferian thunder of the lie, the lie of the Copernican Principle. A.M.D.G.