Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Response to Mark Shea on "The Principle"

UPDATE 12/18:

Mark has deleted my response from his blog.

I reproduce it below.

In any event, "The Principle" on Michael Voris' "Mic'd Up", January 8, 2014, at 8PM Eastern time, just became the must-see show of the New Year in the Catholic blogosphere ;-)

Pull up a chair and pop some popcorn.

You DO NOT want to miss this one!

I am the Producer of "The Principle".
I wish to inform you that Stellar Motion Pictures, LLC, and our legal counsel, are in possession of full, standard releases, signed by all participants in our film.
The text of these releases make it quite clear that "The Principle" involves an examination of the Copernican Principle, including mainstream and non-mainstream views, including controversial views.
Your insinuations to the contrary are malicious. I will leave it to our counsel to determine whether they are in fact libelous.
Be advised.
Your (telepathically obtained?) alleged "knowledge" of the content of "The Principle" will be adequately debunked by the film itself, which includes interviews with a wide-ranging group of theorists, discoverers, and, yes, dissidents and mavericks who challenge the Copernican Principle, upon which all of our cosmology is predicated, and which, as the intellectually fearless will see, is now under serious observational challenge.
I know better than to expect you to be ashamed of yourself for your continued, vicious campaign against Bob Sungenis.
But as for your false and malicious insinuations about "The Principle"?
I do anticipate that you will experience true regret for these.


  1. For the record, Mark Shea also deleted my comments as well. They include the quote from Schopenhauer and were as follow:

    Without even beginning to try to rebut Mr. Shea's shotgun spray of
    vitriolic, it can certainly be said with no small justification that it
    is very sad to see someone who holds himself out as being a Christian use the sulphuric tongue of mockery, that non-stop ad hominem to disparage to such a degree a fellow Christian. What may well be an even sadder aspect of all this is Mr. Shea's apparent self-righteous sense of complete justification in acting this way.
    truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it
    is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
    Arthur Schopenhauer

  2. Shea is still Shea. Come join us, the "banished" from his presence:

  3. LOL! I have never felt so.....welcome!


  4. Shea lashes out at anything that he disagrees with, whether it's true or not. His theme song should be the song Groucho Marx sang in "Horsefeathers", "Whatever Your For, I'm Against It!"

  5. Mr. Shea may have bitten off more than he can chew this time.

  6. I've been blocked from Patheos, apparently; I was trying to comment on the "Liars for Jesus" article there.