Friday, October 25, 2013

Adam and Eve and Ted and Alice

Dogmas are lost, not through reversal, but through abandonment.

We lost the Catholic oekonomia through the abandonment of the condemnation of usury.

The entire world totters on the brink of economic collapse because of the metastasis of usury.

We lost the Catholic cosmos through the abandonment of the condemnation of heliocentrism.

Our children laugh at the stupidity of the idea that we are special, or significant, because of the logical development of Copernicanism.

We are losing the Great Commission through the abandonment of the dogma of original sin.

How is it that no one can see that when the Church accommodates Herself to the world, the world is plunged into darkness?

Make no mistake. The modernists are targeting original sin.

It is the last obstacle to the New Pantheon.

Only the Traditionalists will resist.

Everyone else will compromise, until the time comes for full surrender.

Adam and Eve and Ted and Alice.

Trust me, most will find a way to persuade themselves that this is Catholic.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"The Cosmological Principle Assumes..........."

This one slipped by somehow, late last month.

Herewith, yet another in a now rapidly-accumulating series of papers addressing the observed existence of an intrinsic, preferred direction in the Universe, one which is aligned with the CMB dipole, but which cannot be attributed to the assumed motion of the Earth.

As the introductory paragraphs affirm, the Copernican/cosmological Principle- the bedrock assumption underlying our present, Big-Bang, LCDM cosmology- is finding itself seriously challenged by the observations of modern, precision cosmology:

The Cosmological principle assumes that the universe is homogeneous and isotropic on large distance scales. It asserts that there is no special direction in the universe. This assumption leads to the Standard Big Bang Cosmology. But with the modern era of precision cosmology, evidence has been collecting indicating towards deviation from this assumption. 

What needs to be kept in mind during the discussion is the Elephant in the Room, which is only rarely mentioned.

The preferred direction detected in the CMB, and in the radio sky, is not jes' any ol' little preferred direction.....

This direction points at Earth- at US.

Our equator.

Our ecliptic.

Which is manifestly impossible to predict, or explain, under Big Bang LCDM assumptions.

Stay tuned.

The Big Guns, aka Copi, Huterer, Starkman, Schwartz, have a new paper coming soon, based on the Planck satellite data, and addressing these "Axis of Evil" alignments in the CMB.....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Evidence Continues to Come In- The Universe Has a Special Direction, Pointing At Earth!

Today's contribution includes the following observations:

With no cosmological assumptions other than the existence of a suitably averaged linear Hubble law, we find with decisive Bayesian evidence (lnB 5) that the Hubble constant averaged in independent spherical radial shells is closer to its asymptotic value when referred to the rest frame of the Local Group (LG), rather than the standard rest frame of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). 

Translation: If the Universe is expanding, then its expansion is with respect to the "Local Group" (that is, where we are), rather than with respect to the Cosmic Microwave Background (which the Copernican Principle would allow).

Our results clearly show, however, that for spherical (monopole) averages the Hubble flow is closer to being uniform in the frame of the LG or LS, rather than the frame indicated by treating the CMB dipole as being entirely due to a boost. 

Translation: "Boost" above, means the assumed motion of the Local Group through space.

These results are difficult to reconcile with the standard kinematic interpretation of the Local Group moving in response to the gravitational attraction of the clustering dipole. 

Translation: These results are difficult to reconcile with the foundational assumption of modern cosmology, the Copernican Principle.

This is completely unexpected in the standard framework, since the cosmic rest frame and the frame of minimum Hubble flow variance should be one and the same. 

Translation: The cosmic rest frame appears to be the Local Group (where we are), since the CMB dipole cannot be attributed to the supposed motion of the Earth/LG through space. This is a dramatic and potentially conclusive falsification of the fundamental assumption of cosmology: The Copernican Principle.

This suggestion challenges a basic assumption of observational cosmology, and if upheld by future investigations, will clearly have important consequences. 

"The Principle" is the most important film you are going to see next year. We have been telling you that all of modern cosmology is faced with observations so dramatically at odds with the "we're nothing special" Copernican Principle, that we could be on the verge of the most profound shift in our view of the cosmos and our place in it since......well, since Copernicus!

I am forwarding this paper to several cosmologists and physicists who appear in, or have consulted with, "The Principle", and hope to have more soon........