Friday, May 30, 2014

YouTube Link Now UP- "The Principle Under Attack"- Requiem for a Media Hoax

All audio restored, fully complete.

The day the "Captain Janeway and the Seven Cosmologists" Media Hoax ran smack dab into the facts.


This will continue to become a much, much bigger story throughout the summer, as "The Principle" approaches its theatrical premiere.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Requiem for a Media Hoax

Thanks to Michael Voris and crew for allowing us to provide the remedy for a truly ugly, truly anti-intellectual freedom, truly chilling example of a media hoax.

Now that the clips, the release forms, and the facts are in view, mark your calendars.

"The Principle" premieres October 24.

Buckle up.

There are some ideas so powerful that they can burn heretics, overturn civilizations, and turn our world view upside down.

"The Principle" is one of them.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IMPORTANT NEWS: Link to "The Principle Under Attack", Airing Live Wednesday May 28 at 8pm Eastern!

Among other treats, we will be providing a world exclusive- a direct, on camera copy of the release forms signed by Lawrence Krauss and Julian Barbour (the only two interviewees, thus far, to have explicitly raised the idea that they never gave permission to be interviewed).

This alone is a national news event, since Time, NPR, Slate, HuffPo, Popular Science, and hundreds of other news outlets have run stories suggesting these releases do not exist ;-)

We will also be providing unforgettable clips from the raw footage of the interviews which will completely debunk any claim that the scientists did not know what the film was about, that Kate Mulgrew was misinformed about the subject of the movie, and……..

Best of all, we will provide an on camera look at the single tweet which launched this whole media hoax…and will identify who was behind it!

(HINT- It Ain't The Jews!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who Got Duped?

Now a month has gone by since the media told you, and the participants, all about "The Principle", a film none of them has ever seen.

The Producer has factually informed you (as well as the media, put onto this hysterical hoax by a bitter personal enemy of the Executive Producer who has, of course, never seen the film in the first place) that:

1. Every participant signed a valid and enforceable release.

2. The interviews are in the Producer's possession in both raw footage form and full transcripts

3. No selective editing can be even suggested, since those making the suggestion admit they have never seen the film

Now a month later, how many lawsuits have been filed?

The scientifically inclined will be completely unsurprised to notice that the number is zero.

Somebody got duped all right.

The media.

I will show you exactly how on May 28:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"The Principle" Has A Major Announcement To Make!

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, at 8pm Eastern, on Michael Voris' "Mic'd Up" show streaming worldwide on ChurchMilitant TV,  the Executive Producer and Producer of "The Principle" will officially announce our release date and additional particulars concerning our upcoming theatrical distribution!

Heads up!- we will also be addressing in delicious and hilarious detail the various claims which have been advanced concerning our alleged preternatural powers to hypnotize the smartest guys in the world into interviews so we could cleverly edit them into saying they are all geocentrists, and to somehow manage to have Captain Janeway read the entire script of the film into the microphone without ever having understood what the film was about.

Also, we will address just who might have…you know…sort of "pushed the button" on this comical media narrative, which spread throughout the internet in twenty four short hours.

Who was behind this amazing example of media buffoonery?

(HINT: It Ain't The Jews!)






Tally-ho and away we go!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Three Cheers for Two Students

The importance of, and hysterical resistance to, "The Principle" continues to be demonstrated.
The previous two times I screened "The Principle" you couldn't find room inside to sit down.
Given the massive, worldwide media assault, I expected similar circumstances at our U of A screening.
Instead, when we arrived, there were a paltry 25 people or so.
Turns out, as I was informed by students at the screening, that the faculty- specifically, certain Teaching Assistants on the astronomy faculty- had spent the previous few days demanding that students not attend the screening, repeating the hysterical "Scientists and Captain Janeway Hypnotized Into Film None Of Them Have Any Idea What They Said Or Read From The Script" media narrative, which will, as the film nears release, become one of the most richly comical sources of amusement in a long time 
Now it is very easy to see how wrong this is.
These folks are, allegedly and according to all appearances, scientists and teachers.
But scientists are trained to observe before they reach conclusions.
Teachers of science are, it is devoutly to be wished, paid to teach students to observe before reaching conclusions.
In the case of the University of Arizona, we see that at least some of the astronomy faculty are, as a practical matter, where the rubber meets the road, profoundly committed to the exact opposite of the scientific method, and are quite prepared to enforce this perversion of scientific methodology directly on their students.
But this approach is intrinsically and certainly doomed.
As I was leaving to return to Los Angeles, two of the attendees stopped me on my way out of the parking garage.
They told me they were members of the Student Events group at UA, and they were both very surprised to have seen how balanced "The Principle" was, in direct contradiction to what the media and the faculty at UA had said (without having bothered to see it first).
They invited us back for another screening, one for which they assured me they would do everything in their power to see to it that the actual *film* was described, rather than the hysterical fictions of a terrified establishment, which is apparently determined to do its utmost to keep you from the astonishing new scientific evidence which shows, as Lawrence Krauss has said, that Copernicus may in fact be "coming back to haunt us".
"The Principle" is the one film you absolutely MUST see this year.