Sunday, March 30, 2014

"The Principle" Update

Many of you are wondering when the heck we are going to release "The Principle".

I share this response to an inquiry on another forum, in order to update the matter:

Our film is presently being prepared for a theatrical release in the United States. Due to the challenging nature of the scientific content, and the drastically controversial nature of our film, the risks associated with such a high-profile and highly expensive theatrical release are, understandably, enough to give pause to the financiers upon whom this release presently depends. Pray for them. We are very, very close to securing the necessary financial commitments, and I give you my word that we will do everything possible to secure them. I tell you, as a matter of my personal conviction, that we will receive them, and that very soon. A United States theatrical release having been obtained, a release in the UK- at least via DVD and VOD/internet download, is virtually assured, and, given success in the US theatrical market, even a UK theatrical release is within the realm of possibility. Thanks for your interest!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Smoking Gun?

In light of the monumental publicity afforded the B wave polarization reported by the BICEP team yesterday, I reproduce a quick and provisional response from a questioner on another forum:

What they saw was a particular polarization in the CMB, called B-mode polarization. This has been predicted for some time as a "smoking gun" evidence for inflation, although anyone who understands the nature of scientific discovery knows that all such claims are ridiculous on their face (remember how the Foucault pendulum was considered "smoking gun" evidence for a rotation of the Earth- it of course was no such thing). This paper, for example, sets forth at least half a dozen alternate causes for B mode polarization, beside inflation, and that certain types of B Mode observations (slight blue shifts, for example) would *falsify* inflation.

As far as our film is concerned, this really has nothing to do with the basic problem facing consensus cosmology. Let us say they indeed have their proof of inflation- it must have been a very strange inflation, since it left a special direction imprinted on the cosmos.

But wait. There's more. 

It is not just any special direction. This special direction happens to be aligned with the equator and equinoxes of the only location in the entire universe which we *know* has observers with telescopes capable of seeing and understanding this special direction. 

Inflation is supposed to utterly erase any special direction or location in the cosmos. 

The problems are not in any way solved by this experiment, no matter how brilliant a technological achievement it appears to have been. If anything, they raise the stakes even higher. WHY is the largest structure in the observable cosmos universe ALIGNED with US, if inflation occurred, and allegedly left a flat, smooth, isotropic and homogeneous space time?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beautiful Affirmation Of the Importance of the Question Which Lies at the Heart of "The Principle"

The conversation seems to be expanding, as it often does when a given world view has reached the end of its rope, and the sense of an ending, of a dead end, suffuses a civilization.

"Cosmos" is the swan song of a dying and collapsing Scientism.

"The Principle" is the opening aria of that which will, of necessity, replace it.

This issue is not limited to the scientific front.

“You will sometimes hear people say that they have no metaphysics. Well, they are lying. Their metaphysics are implicit in what they take for granted about the world. Only they prefer to call it ‘common sense.’” Much of the burden of that little book, and indeed of most of what Barfield wrote, was to point out, and then call into question, what he considered the assumptions of the scientific view—to point out and then call into question, that is to say, its metaphysics, which for him formed the “subliminal boundaries of the contemporary mindscape.”