Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Forward Boldly" Interview With Producer of "The Principle"

Many, many thanks to the marvelous Christine Le Niles for the opportunity to clear the air concerning the remarkable Media Hoax run against "The Principle".

Coming soon:

"Thoughtcrime: How and Why 'The Principle' Induces Media Hysteria"

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Remember the "Smoking Gun" for Inflation? Guess What It Might Really Be Telling Us About Our Place In The Cosmos...

The Copernican Principle continues to pop up all over the most cutting edge observations of our universe.

Some weeks back the media trumpeted the "smoking gun" claim the inflation had been confirmed by BICEP2 observations of B mode polarization in the CMB.

But the observations must, somehow, be accounted for, and the tension between BICEP2 and Planck must somehow be resolved.

Remarkably, one proposal suggests the tension between these observations can be resolved, if we abandon the Copernican Principle:

"Here we show that it is possible for a tensor fluctuation to produce a B mode in the CMB polarization without producing any temperature fluctuation nor E-mode polarization whatsoever. The argument is relatively straightforward given the total-angular- momentum (TAM) formalism we have developed in recent work [9]. The only catch is that, as we show, the tensor fluctuation required to do this violates the Copernican principe; i.e., it implies that we occupy a preferred location in the Universe."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clarification to YouTube Commenter On The Media Hoax Against "The Principle"

Just to clarify here, I am the Producer and the Writer of "The Principle", and I conducted many of the interviews, including those with George and Michio.

The essence of the media hoax consists in this: a personal enemy of the Executive Producer (who had never seen the film) tweeted two of the interviewees (who had never seen the film) and told them they had been hornswoggled into a film about geocentrism (having never seen the film).

Krauss denounced the film (having never seen it) and the media picked that up and ran with the hysterical and ridiculous story he tried to peddle on NPR (which never saw the film, nor did they ever contact us to check the facts).

Mulgrew caved (she never saw the film, but she read the script for weeks, and anyone who clicks the link below will see that there is no question whatsoever that her claim of having been misinformed is bunk).

Then the media contacted everybody else (having never seen the film) and told them all what the film was about (having never seen the film).

The scientists (having never seen the film) denounced what the media (which had never seen the film) told them the film was about.

Not very scientific of them.

Only George Ellis, as I said, remained scientific enough to point out that the story he was being told by the media (which had never seen the film) was not what he had been told by the Producer (who has definitely seen the film).

In short, the media was willingly duped and the scientists were hoaxed, some more, some less willingly.

Bottom line: nobody bothered to call me first, and this should be kept very firmly in mind as I prepare to launch my pre-release campaign for what is now probably the most important film of the year, since what is at stake is the right to question the Scientific High Priesthood.

Hope this helps.

Requiem For A Media Hoax: