Monday, February 10, 2014

Wolfgang Smith Shows Why It All Comes Down To The Copernican Principle

The most amazing essay I have read this year comes from Wolfgang Smith.


" turns out, philosophically speaking, that the physical stands to the corporeal as potency to act. The physical proves thus to be a sub-corporeal domain,24 which is to say that measurement entails an ontological transition: a passage from potency to act."


"This too Hawking explains: “We shall, following Bondi, call this assumption the Copernican  principle,”  he goes on to say. Here we have it: what stands at issue, once again, is a repudiation of “geocentrism” in the wide sense of a cosmic architecture  reflective of intelligence-of intelligent design, that is-and thus of an intelligent or “personal” Creator.

Think of it: here Hawking himself is telling us that this repudiation or denial of design on a cosmic scale is not in fact a scientific discovery-a reasoned conclusion based upon observable facts-but constitutes “an admixture of ideology”!

Highly recommended!