Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apologies for Not Being Able to Repeat the Sneak Peak.......

We had a security problem with the Vimeo platform when we put the opening of "The Principle" up last week.

Thankfully, this was a case of a friend of the film who was trying to allow others who had missed the Sneak Peak a chance to see it, and everything is back under control now.

We simply cannot risk any compromise of the film before we are ready.

Very serious negotiations are underway for a theatrical release of "The Principle", and so we will be unable to repeat the Sneak Peak on Vimeo.

Thanks to the many, many viewers who not only accessed the Sneak Peak, but told their friends, and our apologies to those that missed it that we will be unable to repeat the process on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stonehenge as Geocentric Cosmology

One of the things that I think is important about "The Principle" is that it introduces, sometimes very briefly, ideas and concepts which can be further investigated by those who are introduced to them through the film.

Those of you who saw the opening sequence the other night will recall the beautiful animation of Stonehenge by BUF Compagnie, Paris, which proposes that Stonehenge was in fact an astronomical observatory, constructed as a sort of "proof of principle" demonstration of the geocentric cosmos.

This thesis was developed recently by the UK researcher and writer Jon Morris.

Jon's remarkable research into Stonehenge led to a very extensive exchange of emails between us as we were developing the Stonehenge animation sequence, and I was happy to receive news from Jon today that his thesis is progressively gaining more and more acceptance within the academic world.

We hope to have Jon on at "The Principle" website when we launch.........soon!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Many Thanks To All Who Viewed "The Principle" Opening!

We wanted to show some distribution/marketing folks that there is a lot of "want to see" out there, and boy did we!

Thanks to all, and please spread the word.......I will post an update concerning the outcome of upcoming screenings for theatrical distribution soon!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

"The Principle" Update

At long last!!!

"The Principle" fine cut is complete.

This is essentially the finished film, except:

1. The music score is temporary
2. The sound mix is temporary
3. There is minimal sound design/sound effects
4. There is no color correction
5. There are no end titles/credits

We save these things for last, in case we decide to make final changes as a result of screenings for distributors, which begin next week!

Please keep our project in your prayers.

The rubber is about to meet the road ;-)