Sunday, March 30, 2014

"The Principle" Update

Many of you are wondering when the heck we are going to release "The Principle".

I share this response to an inquiry on another forum, in order to update the matter:

Our film is presently being prepared for a theatrical release in the United States. Due to the challenging nature of the scientific content, and the drastically controversial nature of our film, the risks associated with such a high-profile and highly expensive theatrical release are, understandably, enough to give pause to the financiers upon whom this release presently depends. Pray for them. We are very, very close to securing the necessary financial commitments, and I give you my word that we will do everything possible to secure them. I tell you, as a matter of my personal conviction, that we will receive them, and that very soon. A United States theatrical release having been obtained, a release in the UK- at least via DVD and VOD/internet download, is virtually assured, and, given success in the US theatrical market, even a UK theatrical release is within the realm of possibility. Thanks for your interest!


  1. I will keep this intentions in my prayers, especially the rosary!

  2. People will be looking for something substantial after the "Noah" disaster! Prayers assured!

  3. What about asking Bono to support the film?

  4. Given that those in the film feel misused, I doubt praying will undo the hesitance of people to assist those who they cannot trust.

    1. Think it through Bar. Kate read the script for weeks, her management team reviewed the scientific references.

      It is a logical absurdity to suggest any trust was breached.

      Krauss signed a release form and cashed a check.

      These are facts.

      If you mistrust them, you will come to see that you have mistrusted what is obviously true, in order to trust what is obviously false.