Sunday, June 8, 2014

Great Article On "The Principle"- The Real Story Is Finally Starting To Get Covered


  1. Dear Rick,

    I am one of the founders of, a popular website dedicated to exploring the ancient origins of mankind, from all different perspectives.

    I have just viewed your interview on, which I found to be very interesting, and I would also like to interview you on this subject. We would also be happy to publish a review of the documentary, 'The Principle', if you are able to send us a copy. has a wide readership, with around 1 million visits per month and a strong social media presence, so we hope that this would bring good exposure to the subject.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    Best Regards

    April Holloway

  2. Dear April:

    Thanks for your kind offer- I accept as to both the interview and the review.

    By the way, you are unique, in having been among the first publications to request a copy of the film before going ahead and writing the review anyway ;-)

    I will be in touch.

    Rick DeLano

  3. Curious as to whether any of the other outlets have amended their previous story or contacted you for clarification Rick? Though I can guess why some of them will rather just hope all this goes away quietly...

    Also, with regards to volunteering, I had to leave the country for a bit due to a family emergency... and where I am, Internet access isn't so great, sorry if this might affect working with you guys. But... I do have my digital copies of Galileo was Wrong and Geocentrism 101 with me. Will download your trailer too to show to a bunch of people. I might also *probably*maybe* be able to get in touch with someone in the film industry here (I'm in Mumbai, India). Just FYI... in case that's of interest to you or you want me to hand out some contact information for you or your distributor to the right places...

  4. Not a single one of the outlets have contacted me.

    That's just how they roll.

    They indeed hope you will ignore and forget this.

    We intend to make that impossible.

    Thanks for all you can do to spread the word about the only film that really threatens the status quo.

    1. Well I've tried looking into things here and from what I'm told there really isn't a market for documentaries of any kind theatrically unfortunately. Though there are exceptions for a Bowling for Columbine type film or something... But otherwise most people here interested in documentaries must resort to getting it themselves or over the internet from Youtube or elsewhere.

      I'll be trying to visit a few priests I know and showing them a thing or two. Maybe even look to try downloading your first segment from Miked Up, though priests here are undoubtedly pressed for time. I've tried before to gather interest in Tradition and Apologetics with regards especially to evolution, though there was reluctance given the obvious issues with even questioning the topic, and as well that I'm a layman, and also that one needs to have a kind of reputation before hand before being allowed to give a lecture to parishioners (which I do believe is indeed wisely prudent).

      I'll very likely have better luck later after your film releases and once I buy the film on DVD/blu-ray and just invite people to see it. I recall something that you and Bob might be making a supplementary film to bundle with the Principle delving into Geocentrism specifically? Or is that a separate project for a later time?

  5. By the time September rolls around, we hope to have made the case that "The Principle" is not just a doc, but also an event movie.

  6. Bob is in development ob a project which specifically deals with geocentrism, and many of the ideas and development- stage animations are already available on the net