Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Concerning the Financing of "The Principle", And Other Matters…...

Many of our less-friendly objectors have made inquiries as to the financial aspects of our project.

I would never wish to preempt what promises to be an entertaining- even comedic!- quest on their part. ;-)

However, in a spirit of giving as good as we get, I reply:

There is a Pastry Pontiff,
I'm sure you know his name.

He rattles cups and rattles nerves
and genr'ly fans the flame

Of his great Inquisition
into a dang'rous bunch

The film they made cost almost
half enough to buy him lunch.


  1. One Dave sways like a palm
    as he debunks from sea to sea
    The other's arm is quite strong
    from hammering at the delete key.

    The guy with the answers is Karl
    Not Marx but might as well be
    The Mark with the bark will just snarl
    If he doesn't uncover the fee

  2. It really is not kosher
    To engage in this kibbitz
    He'd rather your ad hominems
    Were ad hominy grits.