Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Karl Keating: Liar, Defamer, Slanderer---- The First Shoe Drops

Mr. Keating defames, and libels the Producers of "The Principle" on his Facebook page:

"BUT, there remains the issue of anti-Semitism. 

I presume not a hint of anti-Semitism appears in "The Principle," but it does appear in the C.V. of the producer, and that may be enough to get local groups complaining to theaters that might otherwise be willing to show the movie on the basis mentioned above. "

Mr. Keating, we have patiently awaited the moment when you and/or your Posse would cross the line.

Buckle up.


  1. Keating's words would appear to be self-condemnatory. Such statements, although they undoubtedly play well before much of his largely misguided/misinformed audience, make it appear that knowingly or unknowingly (I presume the former), he has one foot (and perhaps more than that) in -- and lets not mince words -- the Synagogue of Satan.

  2. I don't understand this comment.

    Karl Keating has both feet solidly inside the Catholic Church.

    The Producer of "The Principle" has not been defamed by anyone outside the Church.

    I will try one more time.

    "The Principle" has nothing, whatsoever, to do with the Jews.

    It is not about Judais,

    It is not about the Synagogue of Satan.

    It has nothing to do with them.

    Those who advance a contrary narrative are, apparently, desirous of playing directly into Mr. Keating's hand.

    I wish to inform them, one and all, that they are not welcome on this blog.

  3. Mr. DeLano,

    Having read the long Facebook thread on Karl Keating's page about your film, I want you to know that I thought it was absolutely despicable how they turned a supposed critique of your movie into an inquisition into Roberts Sungenis' and your views on how many Jews died in the Holocaust. It was nothing but an attempt to slur you and Mr. Sungenis and turn the undecided against you. In short, I hope Karl Keating, Mark Shea, and others learn--even if it means you have to sue them--that the unwarranted slur of anti-semitism is one of the most vile and vicious destroyers of reputations. I wish you luck in setting this injustice straight.

    But more importantly, I'm very much looking forward to the movie and hope it does well. Try not to be discouraged by the slanderers.

  4. Hello nb!

    Welcome to the blog, thank you very much for your encouragement.

    I promise you that I am anything but discouraged.

    This kind of villainy is simply something that God has granted me to be in a position to confront directly, and it is a wonderful side-effect of our film that these men are being exposed for what they are.

    The biggest bully theorem applies here.

  5. Since Keating is a lawyer, you would think he would know better than to pull crap like this. I suspect the beating he got last year when he caught hell for sponsoring that vicious attack on traditional Catholics and the razzing he got for his high salary has something to do with it. IMO, he's out for revenge against the Trads, and he's attacking something he regards as a weak target. I think he's going to discover the target is going to be stronger than he thought!

  6. I think Mr. Keating is just extremely jealous of DR. Robert Sungenis, PH.D., since he knows that Sungenis is a far superior debater than he is. Mr. Keating is one of the worst debaters I have ever witnessed, and he simply just doesn't not have the skill to be a good apologist. Even the answers that he gives on Catholic Answers Live are many times poor in quality. Sungenis' knowledge of the faith far exceeds that of Keating, so maybe that has something to do with it. It is obvious that Sungenis is a threat to Keating, otherwise Keating would not be paying any attention to him. If, as Keating thinks, Sungenis is just a crackpot who's movie won't make a dime, then Keating should not be so focused on doing everything in his power to stop it from viewing. His concentration on Sungenis just simply goes to show that Keating is extremely insecure, and he knows something that he doesn't want to admit. If Keating were in front of me right now, I would laugh hysterically in his face, exposing to everyone how defiant, foolish, and cowardly he is.
    In any case, it is funny how Keating starts off his diatribes attacking the relevant scientific issues, but then once exposed as being a ignoramus on those issues, he has no choice but to resort to bringing up past issues about the Jews. Sorry, Mr. Keating, but that makes you look like a little pansy, a sissy, and a wimp. If you want to be a real man, then debate Sungenis in an open, public, oral forum, since YOU were the one to start criticizing The Principle first. Your little offer about reading Sungenis' remarks about the Jews for and hour just won't work here, and it really magnifies your pathetic character, since it was Sungenis who FIRST challenged you to a public debate about your criticisms of his film. He challenged you first, so grow a pair and except it, otherwise, you are just telling the whole world, with a megaphone to your mouth, that you are a pathetic weakling. Come to think of it, I don't blame you for declining a debate with Sungenis on the relevant issues. If I knew he'd mop the floor with me, I would probably decline as well.

  7. A-Flo, I believe, is right about Keating being jealous. Why is he sooo scared of Bob and TP? If the movie is so crackpotty, why bother to go after it? I think he's mad because Sungenis is doing things he would want to do if he had the money. I also believe Karl is upset because Bob Sungenis will probably replace him as the premier apologist in the Cathosphere. Because if TP has the impact it might have, it will revolutionize apologetics, and Bob will be leading the pack, leaving Keating and his crowd in the dust. Yep, I think he knows he stands to lose it all, so he must attack and destroy Bob&Co. However, I think he and his flunkies will only end up shooting themselves in the foot, and making utter asses of themselves.

  8. I honestly cannot account for the truly spooky and obsessive nature of the Posse's attempt to derail "The Principle".

    They are of course entitled to their own views.

    They are not entitled to libel the producers.

    It is exceeding strange, how I have not been libeled in all of this by any Jew, only by a prominent Catholic who holds the reputation of being a "Big Name" apologist, and is permitted to own the domain name "catholic.com".

    Exceeding strange.

    But this is now a legal matter, and truth is a complete defense.

    If telling the truth plays into Mr. Keating's hand, then that is what I am doing ;-)

  9. It is simply amazing to me that geocentrism draws so much attention, whether true or not , that it warrants the kind of maliciousness over the last few years that I've seen on the internet and that anti-Semitism is a playing card often seen when most other arguments fail , and frequently used by more and more catholics. Mr. Sungenis has had his share of crosshairs lately and I hope he flattens the competition. Any debate that has Sungenis as a participant in it is one to be watched and enjoyed.

  10. You have identified the strangest of all truths: the simple question of our location in the cosmos causes heads to explode left and right.


    Why should this question cause such hysteria to break out all over the Cathosphere, and soon, I predict, everywhere else?

    It is such an excellent question.

  11. Has the film been covered much by EWTN? Also, will a person with a basic understanding of the laws of physics (the average joe soap) be able to understand the significance of the recent discoveries vis-a-vis the consequences of the Copernican Principle, generally accepted as true?

  12. Mark Shea being a "personality" on EWTN, we expect no coverage at all, unless it is of the most negative kind.

    We have worked very hard tho thread a very challenging needle in "The Principle".

    On the one hand we are dealing with a fundamental question which has arisen again and again in the most advanced physics.

    On the other hand, we want to be sure that the average audience can follow the story.

    I think we have nailed it- let me know if you agree!

  13. I certainly shall if you can get a distributor for Ireland!!

  14. We are highly likely now to have at least a DVD distribution into Ireland. Details to follow.

  15. It would be great if it could be shown on a popular tv channel, such as "Discovery".