Friday, January 17, 2014

Thoughtcrime: Is "The Principle" Too Dangerous To Be Allowed A Public Release?

The initial marketing test of "The Principle" is concluded.

Beginning December 9, and concluding this day, over 200,000 unique visitors have encountered "The Principle" through its Facebook page, temporary website, or YouTube trailer.

Including Michael Voris' "Vortex" and "Mic'd Up", we have accumulated over 75,000 trailer views.

Almost 12,000 people have "liked" our Facebook page.

Our analytics for engagement are nothing short of incredible.

In short, it is quite clear that "The Principle" has been able to generate objective evidence of an unusually high degree of interest for an independent film, especially a science-themed film, on what amounts to a minuscule marketing budget.

Our thanks go first of all to the incredible campaign engineered and executed by our team.

Our thanks second of all go to all of those who responded to our outreach.

Our thanks third of all go to the Self-Appointed Ecclesiastical KGB Posse.

It is quite clear that our film threatens some people far more than would seem reasonably possible.

These people are determined to do whatever they must to ensure you never get a chance to see it.

I think they are going to fail, and in fact they have already seen their efforts backfire memorably, as "The Principle" simply continues to be not only the most interesting science doc, but the most interesting story in, for now, the Catholic blogosphere, and soon, perhaps, everywhere else.

There are some ideas that are so dangerous, so threatening, that it amounts to a Thoughtcrime to propose them.

We just might have one of those ideas at the heart of our film.

Keep that in mind as the story enters its next, much bigger, even yet much more controversial, stage.

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  1. Yes, you have committed a thought crime against the sacred. In America, only certain things are sacred, and America itself (that is, one’s idiosyncratic interpretation of the idol), not Christ and the definitive teachings His Church, gets to decide what these are. If you lean left, your sexual desires are sacred. If you lean right, your bank account. No matter how you lean, America itself, an idol of one’s own making, is sacred. Morris Berman has insightful things to say about this in his trilogy on America. Where does this idolatry come from? Read Rene Girard and William Cavanaugh. Then look at recent events, beginning with Sept 11 2001, with that lens. If you have an open mind and are willing to smash the idol and accept social marginalization from the left-right Americanist tribe, your eyes will be opened.